ref comparison

when is the last time you have seen a cfl reffing crew just plain give a team an extra down?

over the last few weeks in the NFL, there have been a number of screwups and almost screw up to at least rival anything we see in the cfl, if not surpass it.

CFL refs are NOT the worst.

...well, we do have less to keep track of :smiley:

there are rally only 3 refs in the CFL I have issues with. They seem to be involved in all the controversial games. I won't mention names, but it is easy to pick up on. Go to TSN and stream a few games from 2010 (like the Als Bombers game). won't take more than a few games to see.

the thing I don't get and I don't know why the NFL has this..

if you have a penalty that is like holding on defense..

and the team gets a first down.. they don't decline the penalty. they add the yardage on top of the yards gained.

that's so stupid.

It has happened before

Of course not. That title still belongs to the NBA. It'll take more than some missed holds and bad PI calls to steal it.

Does the NBA count?
I thought the NBA was like pro wrestling...the outcomes predetermined and the refs are merely part of the show. :wink: You know... the "Sports Entertainment" business model. (I expect to see cage-games, and razor blades under the baskets next :smiley: )

This is true. :lol: Stern does seem to care more about the entertainment value than the integrity of the game.

The NBA has the worst in pro sports, if you can still call it that actually.

It's no contest for sake of this forum for that form of spentatainment:


Otherwise we are talking football right?

If these are referees being paid well in any professional football league, I cut them minimal slack. For close calls they have to make in real time sure they deserve some slack, but otherwise they ought to be replaced quickly or suspended just like players when they make such inexcusably negligent grievous errors or repeatedly bad calls.

Like any other job out there that requires an exceptional level or performance, if you are not up to par as a referee it's time you find your way out or just have your hat handed to you. For a few of them I'd follow with a solid kick in the pants with a sprint start for that matter.

The cost of the league doing otherwise is too high for sake of the integrity of the game unless of course some jerk commissioner like David Stern wants his league just to become entertainment anyway.

Hey the last 30 seconds of an NBA game can be very entertaining.

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Mistakes of such a fundamental nature, even by referees in mere youth football in most places, are inexcusable.

I'm not so sure that is so much the refs as the league telling them "let them play". If Magic, Shaq, Kobe, etc were called on every violation on traveling .....

Then maybe they would adjust their play and not travel.

It’s like when the NHL cracked down on the clutching and grabbing. Lots of people said it would be non-stop penalties. Instead the players adjusted their play and it’s a more exciting game now.

Players know if they will get away with it they will push the rules. It’s up to the league and the refs to push back when they cross the line.

I like how you forgot to name LeBron, the worst offender. :lol: