Reesing released

.. the hell?

IMO. At 22, Reesing may another look from the Riders , he has much to strong of a resume to be released after only a few practices on the larger CFL field ,with the extra man.

add some bulk, adjust to field width, and we may still see Reesing in Green.

I agree, I doubt this is the last you guys will be seeing of Reesing.

i dunno. why would they release him then and keep the other 4..

u guys are foolin yourselves it sounds like...

very rare for a team to carry 5 qb's.. even more rare for a team to cut a guy they plan on bringing back and keeping some other guy that most fans dont like.

seriously.. if reesing was gonna be brought back to your practise roster.. why not release smith or whoever u guys say who sucks worst.. whats the point in giving those reps to him when all of u think reesing will be back?

sorry.. HE DONE.

just shows u that fans opinons dont mean crap.

That's right fan's opinion's don't mean crap.You're a fan aren't you?

Well he was not hanging around the field today, so I think its for real. The knock on him was that he did not seem to have the strength to throw to the wide side.

A wide-side pass is one of the toughest to complete .Timing, accuracy and arm strength all come in to play.

I'm not surprised to read that Reesing had trouble completing the throws he was NOT able to "step into".

Reesing's high-lite clips of him Rolling out and throwing on the run look great, but as of now he seems to lack arm strength to make tougher throws while off balance, or from a collapsing pocket.

Keeping the 27 year old physically bigger Smith makes more sense at this time.

According to a new leaderpost article he seems pretty butthurt over it. I can understand seeing him being disappointed, but he was given a shot and he didn't do what was needed of him. It's sad that he didn't live up to the hype, but nothing is ever as good as it sounds.

We may well see him back, it was unlikely that they were going to put him on the practice roster if they actually had any hopes for him as another team would likely claim him. The only other option would be to stash him on the injured reserve list with a fingernail injury.