reed in trouble?

with the recent hiring of former tiger-cat all-star d-lineman mike walker to the argo coaching staff, one can't help but surmise that stubler brought him in to eventually replace reed. with the state of the argo defence right now being un-stubler like,i can't help but think that he's brought him in to be a "consultant" until he wraps his brain around the system. does anyone else see this move coming?


I would agree completely.

Check that.

It is clear by reports I’ve seen (particularly on TSN) that Reed and Stubler have been re-working the schemes used by the Blue Team over the bye week. Stubler’s input – and the shift of Wheaton to safety – will have an immediate impact on what T.O. does on Labour Day.

Walker’s hire by Toronto is a positive sign for Evil Incarnate. However, it remains to be seen if his input re the D-line is going to really change the listing on the good ship Argossuc.

My take: the issue is not the line, it’s the LB corps. O’Shea is winding down and Eiben is no longer an all-star force there. That’s more a Rita issue than whatever Walker can come up with. Belli with all his shenanigans does what what a nosetackle is supposed to…and Jonathan Brown is a stud on their line…

How Wheaton adjusts to his new role will be something to watch. Looking forward to see whether the Cats can get their act together and stretch the field vertically during the Labour Day Classic!

Oski Wee Wee,