Reed better PULL RAY before its too late tonight-

After watching the first series its clear that RAY doesent have it tonight. He is super slow again, not decisive and needs to hit the bench--

RAY is famous for putting up clunkers on friday night, i think JOSEPH has to play or Edmonton will be playing next week on the road in Calgary.

Ray will not do anything tonight, he will get intercepted in his 2nd or 3rd drive.

2nd DRIVE NEAR INT by Freeman-- The book is out on RAY, rush 4 drop everyone else back and his arm is far too weak to beat a PRO defense.

Ray needs to be cut after the season, the losses to BC were all on his shoulders, despite BC being a mash unit last week on defense, RAY kept missing STAMPS open deep--
Ray needs to hit the bench and let JOSEPH take the reigns over--

Ray might not make a first down in the first half tonight--

Time to bring in JOSEPH- with the cold weather and the weak arm RAY cannot move it tonight--

Losing faith in both REED and CRANDELL, think they are too stubborn to change and will just accept losing.

Change something, try something, where is STAMPS? WHy cant RAY throw anything on a 3 step drop? Where are the quick throws?

Its crystal clear that CRANDELL also has run out of answers, he used all his good plays in weeks 1-5, now he has run out of plays and has no answers--

There is nothing new about this offense, same old, take the snap, Ray does his best BURRIS impersonation and runs right into a SASK defender and gets sacked--

Reed should be fired after the season if Edmonton loses to this Sask team--
NO exuces for his team coming out flat again after last week vs BC--

IT could be that the team has quit on REED due to his ridiculous style of yelling and scolding players on the sidelines--

WOW EDmonton is going to be on the road next week--

7-0 SASK but RAY is finished and like usual he has nothing left in the tank to come back tonight-- He will press now and start throwing more interceptions, its pretty clear to anyone who knows the CFL that RAY is washed up--

This is a sad day IN edmonton, a mentally challenged coaching staff with a mickey mouse QB who cant throw 15 yards--

Keep the posts in and Skookum - TD Eskies = Ray to Bowman...7-7 tie game
Jerome Messam = 1000 yards and counting :rockin: and another Bowman TD for Edmonton...14-7 Esks :cowboy:

Edmonton letting SASK hang around---- Unless teams blitz RAY he is basically useless--

Any defensive coordinator that blitzes RAY should be fired-- I just don't see how any team would blitz him since he is good at the deep balls-- If you dont blitz him he cannot beat you--

Look at this game RAY as usual has done nothing, his passes are all either blocked down or deflected, a sign that his arm is not strong enough anymore--

Season over my friends--- Edmonton has quit -- They cant even beat Saskatchewan.

The Esks move on to play another day....until then..ect.

How would you like your crow, medium rare ?

How did it taste? Crow tastes quite bitter and doesn't go down very smooth I find. :wink:

BTW, Ray was 22 of 32 , 305 yds and 2 TD's last night. Not a bad game at all, and the Esks currently sit with the best record in the league at the moment.
Could be worse guru.

Hope Glenn compiles decent stats like that next week for my Cats.

That’s all one can do tangledweb is hope and have faith so to speak.
As for Gridiron Guru; I don’t consider this poster a troll; just stated facts? of opinion with % of truth? The Edmonton Eskimos are what they are; and I’m still waiting for a true #2 QB behind Ricky Ray other than Kerry Joseph.
Next season: perhaps it’s Nichols/Mueller/Ward.

Damn. I missed Guru's one-man show. It looks like it was a laugh a minute.

I thought KJ has exceeded my expectations and I wish Reed would use him more often .

Yes I agree, however someone younger will emerge (sooner/later) and that's what I was getting at.
Next seasons TC perhaps Nichols can excell - not sure what the plans are for Joseph.

I must admit your tireless efforts to downplay Ray's abilities have me questioning him as well.
However, if you actually believe Joseph is the answer I can only assume you are either the sneakiest troll on the board or you do not have a fraction of the football sense you believe you do.

Does anyone have a WORSE track record in terms of making bold predictions than the self-anointed Guru here?

Without looking them all up, I believe his track record is less than 50%, which hardly qualifies one for "guru" status. . .

:thup: :D