Reebox/Nike designers should be fired -- fault of GEN X

It has been going on in pro sports for many years now. The sporting leagues get involved with these large suppliers that hire these Generation post-graduates thinking they have all the worlds solutions because they get a graduate degree / without understanding the market/business they are dealing with.

If anyone with a sporting mind was working for these companies and was working on a bomber jersey. The first thing that should come out of there mouth '' people in Winnipeg want the Royal Blue Jerseys. They represent the city and the history and connection with it's fans unlike any other sporting apparel'......


they come up with some garbage looking atari tv scrambled helmet/jersey --- AND years ago this ridiculous St. Rams knockoff that has no place in part of the Blue Bomber history.

If I was the CFL and the Blue Bombers I would have thrown it right back at them and tell them to '' F'off'''

Why would the BB or CFL accept anything but what the fans of the team want? Why accept anything less than perfect? They just sit there and say ''oh ok thats how it has to be'' poor leadership from the CFL NHL, NBA, NFL to keep accepting anything less than perfection.

You just know some idiot at NIKE went to the Packers, Raiders, Red Wings, Canadiens and said ''i think its time we look at a different direction'' you know it and I know it this probably happened. And they probably got a dirty look and was asked to leave.

It's the fault of the GenX and 2000's graduated youths that believe a Degree is their ticket to excellence that this is the new modern world that people need to follow suit.

And it will never end until somebody makes an example out of them. was the LEAGUE, the TEAMS, and the BOG that asked for something different...Reebok simply gave them options. The League commissioned it, but final approval was 100% on teams. They probably had a half dozen options, and they were free to say no to any and all of them. It was NOT Reebok that said "hey, lets test the market with a drastic new look to see if something totally different appeals to the youth" it was their customer...the CFL.

And FYI...they did this without a care in the world about your demographic...they already have that...they are attempting to market to female and youth. You may not like it, but they went outside the box, and there are a lot in the target market that they were after that have scored it very well...task accomplished.

Further, there are other threads on this

this is one reason why after almost 50 years of the CFL being so important to me, I am now finally losing interest. I am so sick and tired of these musical uniforms with the sole purpose of getting more and more suckers to buy them. Demographics be damned.

The Lions haven't exactly been the model of consistency when it comes uniforms...

Teams make changes all the time. This isn't new. It's one game a year, who cares.

When Ottawa was building its way back, there were a number of times when decisions were made to win over new fans or appeal to a young crowd. That's fine, it makes sense, but it does sometimes feel like the long-time fans, or at least the more traditional ypes, are set aside. I understand where you're coming from on that level.

Trying to bring in more people and ne wblood is vital, just make sure you're not pushing Norm off his stool while you're doing it. :expressionless:

I know that everyone loves retro jerseys and they seem to be well received everytime they are used. But I like that they tried to make some unique jerseys that have never been done. If they didn't do the front logo on alot of these and just left the front as actual numbers they would have been really good.

Check out some of these college jersey's which have been modernized yet not rediculous.

It's probably the degree of change that has people a little shook. It's one thing to flip pants and jersey colours, add a stripe to the leg or sleeve, whatever. It can be a little much to have a pixelated or plaid helmet.

so somebody posts a link to BC Lions jersey arguing they haven't been consistant and all I see is year after year pretty much all the same type of jersey. what is wrong with people?

anyways. the ppl that work for nike/reebox should be fired. They obviously just don't get it. I don't care if the CFL agreed and told them they are awesome (which did not happen) they clearly are not good at what they do. Tell me to come up with a jersey and nobody would see a nightmare jersey like they keep doing for sports teams.

i feel yah dude. if the Cats have even half as ugly uniforms as the Peggers I'd be upset as well

And how fo you know that Rebok didn't question their choice? How do you know that they didn't bring them several options and were told "no...start over!" You have no idea how this process went...nobody here likely does. You could come up with somethign and people might hate it. Or hey, maybe you come up with something that long time fans like and they still dont buy because they already have their gear...meanwhile all of the potential new buyers still aren't buying either. It is a 3rd don't "need" to buy it. Do you think that if you show up at a game and you are not wearing the 3rd jersey people are going to look down on you? maybe 15% of the people in the stadium will strut the 3rd jersey....stick with the majority group and simply pass on it...problem solved.

...translation: I am a grumpy old man and hate way more than I should....

...terrible, just terrible

...WBBB, please do us a favour and crawl back under your rock

Good post R&W

"....." Is that like hanging chads?

Well, while I will agree many of the 3rd uniforms this year have looked god awful, having the appearance of bush league arena football at best and for some bizarre reason tried to resurrect the trend of front logos that tanked so poorly in the 90s.

You can't lump it just on Reebok. I'm sure the teams and the league also contributed to the design process of these abominations. It's one of those things, where one is fine the way it is, some can be tweaked and would be good but likely won't for silly reasons, and some will become footnotes in the history of our great game, like the Ti-Cats white helmet alt logo that one year.

So I hope the league and Reebok learns their lesson, that front logos have no place in Football, apart from some small text logos above the numbers.

All of you people disagreeing with WBBB... You are giving message boards a bad name.

so smiling and nodding or saying nothing is the way to open discussions?


You obviously have not joined a large NCAA or NFL message board.

Kudos to reebok and Nike they have made some pretty cool jerseys, love the Winnipeg Jerseys!

New looks are crazy long as they are not worn too much....whatever. They will wear (pun) thin after a bit when no more selfies can be shot and then we'll get a whole new batch.

but shouldn’t you simply be smiling and nodding here? Others should agree with another’s post/view or shut up…unless it is you?

What has nike done for the cfl? I thought it was all reebok...

I happen to like most of the aspects of the uniforms shown so far, The logo on the front is different enough that it is nice to see rather than just numbers again... as alternate jerseys these work, from what i gather the 90's ones were the primary jerseys since they had to have been used all the time to get people to hate them that much...