Reebox New Jerseys/KK Comes Clean

My original post canceled out, I rewrite it later.

but my main question on this topic was about the Reebok Jerseys. We have seen them in action now, did Reebok's new jerseys pass the popularity test in 2005?

I love a few of them and have warmed up to the ones I hate, but I hope that when the contact expires that teams will gain their independence again and will be able to change their jerseys in a few seasons (I don't know when Reebok contact expires).

what are your takes?

stick with the new reebok designs...they look more 'pro' than NFL teams.

now if only we could get a CFL logo on the field of every stadium turf, and endzone paint..!

I don't know about being more "pro", I miss the old style of the 2004 seasons ones, only ones that needed a change that season was BC (should have worn their orange jerseys instead of black). Hamilton looks a lot better now, but their wasn't anything wrong with their jerseys and Black and Gold was great colors and I hope that they make a third jersey using those colors.

Montreal's new third home jersey is phat!

Yeah, I'll go with a CFL logo on the field in every Stadium, end zone paint is great but no very necessary, but they should be EZ paint at every GC for the two playing teams.

I hate the ads that the teams put on their field (I mean, who the heck is gonna watch a football game, see a ford ad, and say "hm, I wanna a ford!"? and they seem to distract from the game that's taking place.) but unfortunately it's one of those necessary evils cuz I know the team and league is getting lotsa money for the deal and for an Aussie, it's a cool show case of Canadian businesses (and I guess that makes it a get showcase of Canadian culture). I didn't know that Canada had Safeways like Australia does until I started watching the CFL .

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it has been bought to my attention by one of the mods that none of my stories make sense and I'm sounding like the kid that cried "wolf" all the time. I have cause people a lot of confusion, and for that I'm sorry. I will now tell you the truth of my story.

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So that's it in a nut shell, I'm not still living back in Australia, I said that I was from Melbourne, Australia on the Bombers 75th Anniversary website because tat is my hometown. I'm not living or going to school in Alaska (and that's a good thing cuz Alaska needs to get it's act together and join Canada :mrgreen:), and I've tried to change my profile but it's not working for some reason. I'm not living with my family of my own (although that is my dream). I didn't think it was a big deal cuz I'm gonna be KK not matter where I live or what background I come from.

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Haruna: my girl friend, she is Japanese, and a really great human being. She is studying marine biology and hopes to work a Sea World someday as a dolphin trainer. She is a Calgary fan thanks to me introducing her to the CFL.
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Rachael: When we were in Connecticut, my family befriend her and her parents, When we left in 1997, they moved to North Carolina. Sadly, in 1999, the Mother lost her battle with cancer and a year later, the father died of a heart attack. Although she lives with her relatives now, we consider her a member of the family and I may refer to her as my little sister from time to time.
Dad: I haven't been talking to him for a while now over an incident and his new life with another women and her younger children (the incident involved them) who come become my step mother and step brother and step sister. :shock: It's complicated.

and I have these disabilities: [url=] ... y_disorder[/url]

and I'm dyslexic and I also a DL.

The CFL logo on every field would be great ... great for league publicity. But those sponsers are (sadly) never going anywhere! :wink:

Oh, and I love the new jerseys - they look great! The old ones weren’t bad, by any stretch, but the new ones are really sharp.

I guess I have to admit MOST of the Jerseys kind of grew on you. I liked BC’s Third Jersey better than the Orange, although a Black Helmet might have made the Orange jerseys better. Didn’t like Calgary’s away Jerseys. Didn’t Like Winnipegs and Edmontons Third Jerseys. I loved Ottawa’s Third Jersey. Hamiltons home jersey looked good. Everything else was okay.

I personally liked the jerseys this year. The teams can change jerseys every year if they want and the jerseys are all approved by the teams so it's entirely up to the them what they look like.

the 2 teams who made the least amount of changes to thier jerseys in 05...were the 2 teams who played in the grey cup....odd.

( not including third jerseys )

well, Montreal came out with those great new third uniforms, that's a pretty big change.

but that is odd, and that's saying something.

one last blast from the Past!

I do like the new rebook Jerseys. But i don't like how they ar depriving teams from individuaity. Alot of the team jerseys look the same with the respected teams color scheme. I would like to see team jerseys be individual from other teams. such has the 3rd jerseys.

As for the CFL logo on the field great idea. Put it inbetween the harsh marks on both 35 yard lines, and allow the team logo in the center. i always love goin to canad inns stadium either watching or playing and looking at the big bomber logo.

Personally I think that there is too much crap on the field. Watching lions games on the new turf with no ads was amazing. Almost like watching old 60's hockey games with the white no ad boards.

The one sponsering thing that makes the CFL look bush league as hell is calling the red zone the "Chevy Drive zone". It's not a big deal to me if they called it the Chevy red zone but that has to stop before next year. I mean if I went up to the CFL with a breafcase full of money could I change the endzone to the Dan Zone. I mean like "Milt Stegal has just caught a pass deep in the Dan Zone." "Troy Davis Waltzes into the Dan Zone."

Oh and the new jerseys look nice. I'm out

its bush-league cuz of THAT????....yea, ok.

I'm not saying that the CFL is bush league I'm just saying having the Red zone become sponsored makes the league look bad

I totally argee, but the league needs the money, and thecrooprorasions are evil and osessive, and wanna take everything over. They gotta know that the buck stops somewhere, and one day it will.

BTW, I think the end zones to be call the "Try" zones, cuz of the Rugby connextion and the O is "trying" to score while the D is "trying" to stop them, but that's just me.