reebok football - best move competition

so yea... umm... bomber fan reporting here, if everyone could vote the riders OUT in that reebok best move competition, that would be great.

and it's been a pretty depressing season for us, we want to be happy, and therefore to be happy we want the riders to fail cause they suck and we don't want them to win this reebok contest :stuck_out_tongue: since they always win all contests cause they have nothing better to do in the province of nothing.

DEAL? pretty pleeeeeeease... :smiley:

But we don't hate the Riders.

I was talking to my bf about this and said that it is the only way we would ever see a non-Rider win an online poll.

I may not necessarily hate the Riders, but it would be nice to see someone else win for a chance. I'm with you on this. :smiley:

but they win everything, we want, like borehamgirl said, a NON RIDER WIN in an online poll!

i think the whole competition is stupid. waste of time if you ask me.

well what else are us bomber fans supposed to do :frowning:

Lol are any Ticat's still in it? and there's no way you're going to beat out Rider fans in a poll. Just not gunna happen, no matter what the poll is, if an option is in any way Rider oriented that's the one that automatically wins. They greatly outnumber the rest of us lol.

Wait, they have the internet in Saskatchewan???

i too am impressed saskatchewan knows how to use technology.