Reebok deal

Good on the CFL to go out and get themself a piece of the corporate money. 7 figures annually. Now it's your turn to tell the league where to spend the money.

Everybody now ....


Hopefully the Riders got a good deal out of it. They are by far the top seller so should get a bigger slice of pie.

mmmmm pie.

So that we can build a new stadium so that argotom will leave us alone ...

i love the current RBK uniforms, and am lookin foward to seeing the retro unis in action.

altho, i hope they dont give the riders ANOTHER retro uni.

Good on the CFL. I think RBK and the league both underestimated how well CFL jerseys sell. Although I've got no concrete numbers to back it up, I've heard rumblings that the Riders jersey sales rival and even beat some NHL teams in this country.

I should hope so. St. Louis Blues only have 300 fans worldwide.

Canadian NHL teams A-L, I know there are plenty of NHL teams in the US that probably get squat for sales :wink:

Who, the Quebec Nordiques and Winnipeg Jets?

Bear in mind that while the deal is for 7 figures annually, that doesn't mean it's new money for the teams. You have to subtract the amount that the old deal was supplying to the teams. If it was at or near the seven figure mark, then the new deal isn't as financially rosy as it seems at first.

I think the greater marketing and promotion are a much for favorable development. I know around Toronto, Argonauts merch is extremely hard to comeby. Hopefully we'll see more around soon.

Hey those retro unies look awesome especially the new ones shown today for the Argos and BB.
Now all we have to do is make sure the retailers especially here in Toronto stock all CFL stuff and in prime space and not at the back racks with just a few sprinkled about.

According to this story, they outsell your Canucks :wink:

Still no concrete numbers though, so take it for what it's worth.

No one really cares for the Oilers anymore, either....

Great deal for the CFL, but as yes the Rider's should get the biggeast slice as they are thye top performers and biggest sellers hands down..the money should be to fix the broken team..the stadium is fact..the best games are played there when rain delays occur and the real passion shows in Riderville with 10,000 of them braving hail and rain to live it up for their team. That would never happen in a BC or Toronto..

What with the roofs on the stadiums and all....

Amen to that, local Sportschek and other sport clothing stores sell barely any Lions product and it's embarrassing, they need to showcase this product left right and center. I see improvements coming along and am proud to be a CFL fan. CFL rules!

y should the riders get the biggest slice?

the CFL doesnt split the TV contract money up by which team provides the biggest tv ratings?

they dont split sponsorship money by which city is home to most sponsors.

why would this be any different?

Rider gear outsells every team, it is probably close to all other teams combined.
This deal limits outside merchandising the Riders can do on their own. If the deal limits the Riders to only RBK stuff, then if its their gear selling then they should get the cut from their stuff.
I'm not saying that every team should only get the money from thei merchandise.
Let us look at it with made up #'s.
Total CFL sales: 8 Million
Rider Sales 4 Million
Hamilton Sales .5 Million
Now if it was split up evenly, the Riders would get 1/4 of their sales, and the Tiger Cats would get 2 times their's.
Does that seem fair??
I'm not saying the Riders should get their full 4 Million, but it should be damn close.

Remember I made those #'s up, and only used Hamilton as an example.

How could the Riders increase their revenue by 11 million in 4 years... Slash salaries and only make 1.7 mil.... One of two answers... Someone has stole about 10 million dollars...Orrrrr the Riders are hiding about 10 million dollars so that they don't have to fork over millions to the city who own the stadium...(they must pay a certain percentage of profits...nothing when team losses money)
The same city they are screwing over.. The same city they want to fork over millions to build a new stadium.... Dirty dirty dirty.Riders are screwing taxpayers...THEIR FANS..... discusting.

I think every team should get the same amount. I think the Riders make plenty of money through their official store to offset the need for a bigger slice of the pie.

There have been a few large improvements done to Taylor Field, which the Riders have helped fund. For instance, new turf, the Jumbotron (and a smaller screen on the other side), some improvements to washrooms within the stadium, a new sound system, a renovation and enlargening of the official stadium store, as well as a renovation and enlargement to another store that is in a mall in the north of the city.

Are those improvements screwing over the fans? I rather think they are beneficial to the fans.