Reebok CFL 2012 Rebrand

Reebok is revamping all of the CFL jerseys next season. Hopefully this means more stripes on our sleeves!

What do you want to see?

if they could find a way to implement more stripes on the sleeves without making them longer that would be phenomenal. I just hope they spend a bit more time making each teams jerseys a little more different from one of right now a lot of them just seem too similar.

Not sure if Reebok supplies the compression shirts players wear underneath their jerseys and equipment, but having stripes on those sleeves would provide that traditional striped look.

I'd like to see them build a huge bonfire and ceremoniously burn all the white TiCat away pants.

Lose the black pants please and the bib on the jersey.

I'm not that fussy on the current uniforms, maybe I'll like the next ones better. I hope they have more stripes on the sleeves, none on the pants (gold please), and are a bit closer to the ones from the 60s and 70s.

Beyond that, I wish the changes wouldn't come so often.I know the CFL needs the merchandising money, but there's a point at which I think it gets counter productive.


Gold pants for both home and away. Wider and more stripes on the sleeves, even if the have to start higher up on the shoulder. (Or maybe just lengthen the sleeves slightly? The current ones look ridiculous on the linemen anyway.) And gold helmets too.

i'd simply like to see some of the current 3rd jerseys or retro jerseys become the regular jerseys.

riders retro jerseys both home and away should be their full-time jerseys.
the cats 70's jerseys should be their full-time home jerseys.
stamps 70's look should be regular look.
and the bombers 70's look should be their full-time look.

AUUGHH, I'm going to have to fork out another $200 next season?!?!

I have to admit, I'm a bit of a uniform junkie, and a complete redesign of all 8 teams is just like Christmas for me. I remember being pretty excited to see how all of the new designs turned out in 2005.

For the new unis, I really hope they bring back the white sleeves on the home jerseys and get rid of the terrible cursive-writing logo at the base of the neck. And ALL the teams need to go back to having full-sized numbers on the front of the jersey, and get rid of the detailing line that goes around the shoulders.

I was under the impression that Reebok had lost the contract, and it was going to Nike, which is why all the uniforms are changing next year. Was I mistaken?

where did you hear that?

personally, i heard the RBK contract was comming to an end soon and that Nike was going to put in a bid. i hadn't heard anything more, until this thread, which has no link to a news story.

so as far as im concerned, nothing has changed until someone posts a story or link confirming the CFL has either renewed with RBK or have given a contract to Nike....or that RBK is redesigning the jerseys next season ( all hearsay so far ).

I would rather they give the contract to Nike. I haven't liked the jerseys since Reebok took over. I much preferred when all of the teams had their own designs. Now they all look too similar with that piping around the shoulders.

Just my opinion....

Tried to hunt down a retro jersey a while back without any success.

The CFL signed a five year contract with Reebok in Aug. 2008, so they have it for another two years. There's nothing on the CFL site yet on any redesign, but it wouldn't be a total surprise if they did do it, if only to generate sales to those jersey junkies. (Yes, Davey, I'm talking to you. :slight_smile: )

You might be thinking of the NFL. Nike is taking over uniform production down there for the 2012 season.

I'd also like to see them bring back white sleeves on the black home jerseys.

As long as they don't bring back the wimpy gold helmets. The black ones look way more aggressive.