Reebok Canada CFL teaser

Reebok Canada CFL teaser

Via facebook via CFL

There is a link to the Reebok Facebook site on Youtube.

When are the Jersey's too be unveiled? Has anyone heard yet?

Makes me scared after the job they did with Saskatchewans, Winnipeg's, Calgary's, Hamilton's and Toronto's uni's

I guess if the Riders new jersey sucks they can still wear the heritage jersey off and on

May 4th after draft day rings a bell is my guess.

Looking forward to it. :thup:

The Ti-Cats have targeted May 1st to reveal their new jerseys. That was the date they were advertising when they took pre-orders a couple weeks ago.

It would be smart to unveil them on the draft day broadcast. I know they will be released around that time for sure. Now hopefully they put out some nice product.

I thought Nike was doing the jerseys this time?

And Reebok did a hatchet job on the ones we have now. Don’t get me started.

Not that I have much faith in Nike to do better.

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The above link was posted in the CFL Franchise Valuations thread by EastVanMark; however, scroll down to short stuff and in there is where I got the date for jerseys to be unveiled (B.C. Lions) on May 4th.
Blogskee has May 1st for Hamilton; all in all it will be within the first week of May I guess.

Nope Reebok is redoing them for the 100th GC hopefully they move away from the cookie cutter look as for the video it was very uninformative but I guess cool none the less

Finally an official announcement other than Facebook/Twitter/Wikipedia/Google haha here's the link

[url=] ... s-for-2012[/url]

And by teaser, they REALLY meant it. The vid didn't show a goddamn thing.

The NIke collection for the NFL is absolutely incredible., Its more equipment than jersey with how much technology is in there and the level of detail is incredible. Saw close up pics of the Seahawks jersey and everything about it is exceptional. If they were to sell actual game jersey's to the public they probably would be around 350.00 a piece.

I'm not holding my breath with Reebok... IMO they make the cheapest and ugly sportswear on the market.

I wanted my 3 minutes back. Looked like something made by a teenager in a basement and nothing to show, probably cause the stuff isn't even ready.