Reebok Ads - Premiere on

What do you think of the new Reebok ads? Haven't seen them? Check the homepage of - should be posted shortly. A exclusive!

This sounds to me like a comercial for a comercial :lol:

They're up! And hilarious!

Pretty funny stuff

Pretty funny. Kerry Joseph looks tough in the black.

The NFL has Nicolette Sheridan naked and we have a couple of gender confused flakes drooling over CFL players.


Not funny at all

Does someone want to come out of the closet in the office of the CFL.

Come on you guys wake the hell up, that is bad crap.

I think you really need to go for instant replay on that crap.

I think the guys or gals that made up those should be fired on the spot. Not FUNNY AT ALL.

You're trying to sell football, what I get from that ad is 2 guys that sold the CFL designs for new jerseys. You liked them so much you wanted to have the designers in the ad so you can get a discount on the jerseys.
Just crap.

Never saw them but i am going to check it out.

i agree with argofans.
remember those old tsn commericals where they had the rivalries between certain tems... that was funny. not this

Come on, have a sense of humour: they're funny. Especially in this modern age of cable TV with a gazilion 'design' shows on all the time. Add to that the fact that these are probably a lot funnier for people who aren't die hard CFL fans, unlike all the old commercials. I thought the old ones were funny too, but non-CFL fans I knew thought the old ones were pretty lame or just plain bizarre.

I like the first one but the other 3 were pretty much the same. I think itwould have been better to have other commericals showing the game. Like having some cool music with sound effects of players hitting each other showing players in slow motion taking and giving a good block. Make the viewer want to watch the game for what it is. I like humour but they took an idea and stretched it to the point of too much.

I thought they were funny.

Not the way I would've gone, but fairly amusing. I sense, however, that these will get old (and annoying) pretty quick.

the first one i saw i thought it was funny, wouldve liked more variety

Come on Reebok, think twice before you release that junk. You trying to lose your whole image.

good call

If you’re positive toward gay acceptance then these ads are incredibly demeaning.

If you’re concerned about a perceived gay lobby and agenda for societal change then these ads are sick.

Looks to me like REEBOK has managed to unite two diametrically opposed groups in our society. Unity on social issues at last. Way to go REEBOK.

I like em. More variety would be good, and I prefer those old 'rivalry' ads, but these make me laugh.

Hey does anyone know where I could find those older rivalry ones?


I think a lot of people are forgetting that these aren't ads for the CFL; they are ads for Reebok's CFL merchandise. They're not intended to make us want to buy tickets, but to make us want to buy the jerseys. They don't do that for me, but I can't speak for everyone.

Technically the only "gay" reference is the one with John Grace ("Hides the blood stains") where the guy is clearly coming on to him. The rest of his mannerisms are only "gay" in the minds of the viewers who impose their own pre-conceived stereotypes.

They may have some difficulty with the John Grace one that I mentioned above. Though I admit that I chuckled a bit, some overly-sensitive types may say that it promotes "gay-bashing."

I agree that they will probably get old fast, especially since they are all so similar with a lot of re-used footage. If they show these commercials during every commercial break, we'll probably want to strangle the guy before the playoffs roll around.

I still prefer the Adidas commercials, particularly the one "That's called a 'rouge'." My friends and I still laugh about that one.