I just recently joined the boards (thanks to my cousin Jeremy), and I have noticed that you seem to take joy in making not quite so witty comebacks to anything a Rider fan has to say. Instead of wasting your time trying to tell us how Saskatchewan sucks using petty one-liners, how about we organize a little debate in which you can explain to us why Saskatchewan really does "suck", and we can counter back and prove to you why the Saskatchewan Roughriders are better than your Calgary Stampeders. I know I'd enjoy this, along with many of the other members I am sure are annoyed with your behavior. So what do you say?

Why not just wait until they play. That oughta shut his mouth.

........the comments to which you speak of Clarke are in response to weeks upon weeks of the riders telling us how our teams suck and how the league might as well purolate the cup to Regina already.........Bombers, Eskimos, Stampeders have endured countless posts by priders that range from intelligent to stupid.........a fan can only take so before you go berating Calgary fans based on your cousin's opinion, why don't you canvass the rest of the fans on this site as to how your cuz and his buddies have acted in the past..........from what I recall Jer posts something contentious and then rarely backs it up or sticks around to battle it out........if you can't take it don't dish it out...........RW2005 will need to account for his own actions/comments, I for one have never said the riders suck, but I'll be damned if I'll stand by and allow someone to say my club sucks with no good reason to back it up.........

–Haha are you joking?? If you asked everyone one here, for fans of all the teams, I can almost guarantee they’d say the most annoying posters on here are Riders fans. I bet even Eskies fans would have the Stamps fans backs on that one. Maybe YOU counter, I haven’t really read anything of your before. But there are a LOT of Riders fans on here who dont. Just go to, and see FIVE separate threads bashing Henry Burris. Are you telling me Riders fans don’t talk smak???

stampers7 how do yuo get into the forums with out buying a member ship i would like to read them to ?

Yeah I know there’s two of them. Whatever one the free one is. I’ve never posted anything in there before, but I went in there to check it out for the first time over the weekend. I couldn’t believe how many “I hate Burris”-style threads there were! Even a Rider fan on there(Travis something or other) posted a thread, pleading Riders fans to quit bitching about Burris. Look, I’m not saying all you guys are doing it. But you gotta know there’s quite a few on here, even some of the intelligent Riders backers on here comment on it(on the main CFL forum, not this Saskatchewan one). I just had to respond because I found it quite funny(and hypocritical) that a Riders fan was calling a Stamps fan out for talking smack.

..............hypocritical too in that Clarke was back here an hour or so ago and never bothered to enter into the fray with us.........

I'm sorry, there was a fray? If you guys don't enjoy the idea there is no reason to continue posting in here. It was just a suggestion.

.........ok, you're back, so let's begin.........but first, does anything we have said above makes you think differently than your opening post?.........

Even if you guys think that we're the ones that never shut our mouths, it's a good way for us to actually have a real discussion instead of throwing out one-liners about quarterbacks. So I'm still in if people are interested.

.............I'm very interested seeing that I was taking a lot of flack for having Hank come to my team, but I can't right now Clarke, meeting at 3:00 I need to get ready for, perhaps one of the iother stamps can take you on, or you can begin and I'll catch up to you later in the day..........

.........I'll start though if you want.........three months after Burris comes to the Stamps and some riders can't let it go, really can't let it go and hate the guy, wazzup with that?.............

I think people really are taking the Burris thing to seriously. He's a solid QB, who I never was particularly fond of. I always liked Greene and Glenn more. I always thought we should trade Burris for a strong player in another position where we were a little weaker, somewhere in the defense perhaps.

EDIT: I'm really not in the mood right now either, but maybe sometime tomorrow if we're both on. Also, if other people or teams are interested in joining, I'm sure we could have a lot of fun. :slight_smile:

I’d like to see the issue die as well. Enough of the smack talking and let the teams take care of this issue when they meet up. What do you say guys?

That’s the best news I’ve heard all day. I just wish you could convince other Riders posters of this. I’ll never go to that, or one the free one was. btw, why the f*ck do you have to pay??) again. I signed up because I thought it would be fun to talk some smack with some guys, but that was too hardcore in there. Anyways sorry to bring it up again. I agree with you. Forget about it until the Riders and Stamps meet up this year.

Yes, sadly enough, letting many of the Rider fans near a computer is like giving a gun to a baby.

Don't get me wrong, most Rider fans are decent, but you have to admit whenever a completely retarded comment is made, for some reason the retard that posted it is usually a Rider fan. I don't think anyone really knows why that is, either...

After reading your comment I cannot believe you have been reading any of the posts of redwhite2005, to whom this string is addressed. :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

F.Y.I. That Travis was not me!! :shock: Anyway I think Burris is a good quarterback, the prob with him is for some reason he throws so many interceptions, whether it is his fault or not. That is the only reason why i dont’ like him. But probably why some rider fans don’t like him is because, he came into Regina and said this is where i want to live and i’m going to get us the grey cup. And 2 years later he has changed his mind and goes to Calgary. I know I know not the best reason but it is the truth :wink: But again good luck to Calgary with Burris, he has his good games and his bad games :wink:

–Yeah I read it on the Riders’ fan forum site. I can’t remember the guy’s entire name, but it had Travis’, or Trav in it. Actually when I saw you on here, I figured you were the same guy. I guess not though.

Nah i’m not the kind to go boasting, i like to stay calm and cool 8)

OKay hillbilly cousins of Jeremy and ChirsW I am back and will reply to your request. Many of my posts really relate to how you are preceived by many othe fans from other teams. My posts are exactly what you give to other. All of sudden you do not like what you give out. The reason I believe some of the Rider fans suck the above mentioned is that last year you were very happy Burris almost took you to the promised land, then come spring Burris moves to another city again many people do this every year with no response. Now he has moved on you keep trashing him. Jeremy you never did come back to answer some of the questions asked to you at least Chris did and I told him it was a good post but you ran like the coward you are. You know exactly what I am talking about Red and White Stampers& called you out with the question and yet you ran. Do you think for one minute I care if you read my posts are not NO. Do fans from other teams have opinions YES. Have you shown respect to those posts NO. So IMO you earn respect you just do not have it given to you. Should I be respected probably not. But again my posts reflect how many see you post. So to all of Jeremys family take him out the back and put a switch to him.