Reduced practice time=poor play/injuries

Interesting piece about reduced practice time resulting in poor play and injuries. It's NFL focused and I can't find a CFL related piece. But most don't have a doubt that its relatable do we?

It suggest that the NFL has the equivalent of 5 weeks less training and practice time per year because of the CBA. Not sure what is here but contact practice time is cut by 20% I think.

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heard ESPN "Mike and Mike" discuss this on TSN 1150 this morning. They say OL cannot learn the position without contact, thus more QB injuries. Teams trying to adjust with fast short passes to protect the QB but the game itself suffers. Both leagues restrict contact with the new CBA. They also said that reduced practice time results in more injuries amongst players.

Everything they said about this subject made sense and it is lessons for the CFL

Where's the stats and research that reduced practice time increases injuries? So someone thinks that or says that. Where's the proof. Numbers please.

That being said, if you practice more and practice more with contact, you're likely to have more practice related injuries. I doubt any league wants that.

Plus moving kickoffs up have turn the game more boring. Soon to be Flag NFL.

It's funny how we complain about the CBA here with the little old CFL but the NFL fan is also seeing a less crisp product .

I have to say the last few weeks or even after July the games have improved with less penalties and better product .

The Ottawa and Hamilton game in the driving rain was fantastic quality of play . I was impressed with all aspects of the passing and running game for such poor weather conditions . A game for the CFL to be proud of with over 600,000
tuning in .