Redslacks vs. Manziels GDT

Nobody talking about this one?

Manziel looks better. Much better to be honest. Not getting any help from Cunningham.

Ottawa looks brutal.

Good game so far. Yeah, Manziel's looking much better.

Cunningham definitely should have had that long pass, it was perfectly placed.

Tum-suckers over at TSN should have televised a good portion of the ceremony honoring the 69 R-Riders. Rod Smith, a growly coot of nearly 60 said he was 8 or 9 when the R-Riders won the thing in 1969. Even a grizzled old bomber fan has a soft spot for CFL legacy - ie. Old Russ Jackson, Ronnie Stewart, Gene Gaines, Whit Tucker, Marg Adkins, etc.

No excuse TSN - you puked on yourself - on this file. Thinking nobody outside Ottawa would care one bit. WE ALL CARE - CUZ WE'RE NOT LIKE TSN MANAGEMENT!

GO Johnny GO
Johnny be Good!

Sorry I like the Guy.

Can't believe we lost to this Ottawa home.

9-5 in the 3rd. Have no idea who to root for!

101 yard drive.
So it's possible.

Russ Jackson basically just said if Ticat fans want to see what it's like to have a great atmosphere....come watch a game here.

Russ Jackson, one of the greatest players to ever don a football uniform - in ANY LEAGUE!
What a pleasure to hear Russ speak at 82, still a vibrant mind.

Hi-lite of the weekend for this old bitter dudenik!

Johnny's not afraid of getting hit.

Manziel with a nice run. Doing his best Willie Beaman impression. Nobody catching my passes? Head down and go do it myself.

He looks good all things considered.

Harris has 12 career game winning drives. (13 if they pull this out.)


The entire East is terrible.

The same guy that told Ron Lancaster that Anthony Calvillo would not be a good QB?

Yes, that is the only thing of significance that has happened in Russ Jackson’s life.

Looked for a game thread here earlier and didn't see one. Followed the one on the CFL chat forum.

That's okay - he can be good this week! ;D

I only watched about the last third of the game and couldn’t believe the total yards difference! Basically 100 (Mtl) to 600 (Ott) - Harris with almost 500 passing yards, and they had to win on a game winning drive? The stats said they have 5 turnovers, but damn, I would have expected a blowout with that kind of yardage.

If Montreal could have capitalized on the 5 turnovers, that would have been a real tough pill to swallow for Ottawa. Unfortunately, Ottawa remains the “best team in the east?, because someone has to be.

Manziel didn’t throw any picks this week. Sucks, because I picked Ottawa’s defence on my Fantasy team. But good for him, I guess.

Also, I did want to say one quick thing re: Ottawa having a game winning drive and ours being unsuccessful... it’s probably much easier to score a game winning drive when you’re playing against Montreals D compared to any other team... just sayin’.

Masoli needs to take lessons from him ;)- or maybe just our OL needs to take lessons on not taking procedure penalties due to crowd noise.