Redskins site on Lumsden

I’m happy for Jesse sounds like Coach Gibbs is quite impressed, I think his CFL days are over, good Luck Jesse!

Who else is out there that is or was part of the Cats last year? What other players do we have the rights to?

I'm glad thing look good for him in Washington. If he didn't make it there, I don't know what would happen to him. We are set with Ranek and Holmes. And I would hate to see him running the ball against us.

hey jesse, tell jonta to get back up here stat. the oline played their a$$es off last game, but man could we use him.

I hope he Make the Redskins
Cause I Never Want to see him in Hamilton Black and Gold Again…

He Thinks he Better Then Everyone
on Our Roster Here in Hamilton…

How Can someone Raise on the CFL Be a Turncoat like this …

Please Make the Redskins and Don’t comeback… Cause we don’t need you.

What Waise of Draft Pick This kid Was.

We attended the Redskins scrimmage against the Ravens on Saturday. It was great to see Jesse play so well!! On kick returns and special teams, he was ALWAYS the first guy down the field! His speed was really evident against the other players. He seemed really focused and confident. He had some great drives and he showed them that he CAN play with the big guys (the NFL). I am sure he will be staying there, the only downside is that Kerry Carter will be out of a job. We were watching Jesse closely and cheering him on during every play he was on. The fans around us gave us some courious looks as we yelled out his name but after his touch down...everyone then knew who he was!! They put a big picture of him on the Stadium screen along with his was great!!

The Redskin/ Minnesoata preseason game is on TV this Sunday August 13th. I am sure he will be getting some serious play time again. Way to show'em Jesse!! Keep it up!!

Come on Knight!

Jesse is a great player,in a draft pick situation you are lucky to even get his type of player.

First class player ,hope u do well and get a big contract ,but return some day as a Ti-Cat Jesse. :cowboy:

Nice report 'Skyman'....thanks

Yeah, it seems Jesse is on a mission this year for sure to crack the line-up. Nice to see people are sitting up and taking notice.

I hope our other Tiger-Cat, Jonta Woodard does well also.

(Can we sneak a couple of Tiger-Cat logos onto the back of their helmets?) :wink:

By the way, I think the Redskins uniform is one of the coolest in the NFL.

:rockin: Go Jesse show em steeltown tough its great to see a Canadian kid play this well! I hope he makes the roster all the best :thup: All of Hamilton is watching.

were you drunk when you made this post?


oknight seriously are you brain dead....good luck jesse i think you definately have a foot in the door. all the best.

All the best to Jesse, hope he makes it big and gets the big money that the NFL can bring to anyone.

Interesting interview:

If you get the NFL Network, the Ravens/Redskins scrimmage in on right now.

I caught the end of it, Lumsden had a nice 15 yard t.d run.

According to the fan forum on the website tonight, Jesse Lumsden missed yesterday's practice and today's practice due to a hip flexor injury. It would have been good to see him in action in the Redskins vs. Bengals pre-season game being broadcast by NBC at 8:00 p.m. on Aug 13/06. Unfortunately, he might have to wait until next week to see any pre-season game action.