Just a simple question, What does it mean when they say a player has been redshirted? I've never heard that term before.

Redshirt is a player who sits out their first year at a given college. In NCAA rules a player can only play for four years; thus a team that has a position already filled, a player will redshirt a year in order to slot in when the position opens up.

Or if a player is injured he can sit out a year and be redshirted. Thats the NCAA definition though.

In the CFL parlance, when they speak of a redshirt junior, they are referring to a NI player at a NCAA school who is returning to school the following year. NCAA rules prohibit players from attending any professional event, such as a CFL camp. So a CFL team will own the players rights while they return to their NCAA division school. So basically the CFL team redshirts their draft pick while they play their last year of NCAA ball.

Not sure if anyone else has heard this or if this is just Lefko blowing smoke

ncidentally, the CFL will likely pass a rule prohibiting the draft of redshirt juniors after this year. It’s been in the discussion stage, according to a couple sources, and frankly it’s a good thing. It is a risk taking a player who has a year left and could be snapped up by the NFL, either by the draft or free agency in his graduating year. Removing the redshirt rule takes the guessing game away — in theory anyway

It has been talked about for a few reasons, the one Lefko talks about and the dislike by NCAA schools to have professional teams talk to their students while they are in school, the risk that a player will be injured in his last year of college. I think it is a good idea. The players are not going to become available for another year anyway so why not just draft them with the CIS guys.

cool,Thank you

Schools don't like their players talking to ANYONE because they want the players scared sh**less of screwing up their career that they'll do anything the school wants, such as sacrifice their body for four measley years of 'eligibility' making millions and millions of dollars for the school without seeing a dime for themselves.

Schools use kids like fodder. If a college player even so much as talks to an agent, the kid is in major trouble. College players are the ones who need agents the most because college players are the ones who get screwed by far the most.

I think all these stupid rules are appalling. All they do is seriously limit the career choices of young players. NCAA should be put out of business by the Feds for antitrust. It's disgusting.

Players are often redshirted because they are not physically ready to play at the DI level and spend the season practticing and working out in the weight room. Also the origanal thoery was to get a players assimilated academically when freshman first became eligible to play Vasity sports in the NCAA but that reason has really gone by the wayside as player who redshirt there freshman year do everything but play in the game

As mentioned above and before it may be in the CFLs better intrest to not draft a redshirt player until he declares himself eligible to go pro and forgo his last year of eligibility. So if a player is already comitted to come back and play his final season after redshirting his freshman year the CFL should follow he NFL rule that would not have said player be eligible for the draft until after he has decided to go pro.
The goal i to get the best Canadian player in the CFL. Alot can happen during a players final season of play it would give the drafting teams a better idea of where a player will be headed as a pro

I've never understood drafting a are drafting them on potential, but if they meet that potential they are likely going to an NFL camp anyways. If not, well, they will be available for the draft the next season. I to believe that they should follow the NFL's guidance on this one...and it ain't too often I prefer an NFL policy.