Redrawing the Map

Time to redraw the map again on Sunday.

It's going to be a good old shootout, and I personally think that the hard working Riders will take it home. Here is why:

I really think it has hurt the Al's that they haven't played a really meaningful opponent in the last month. You have to go back to the 14th when they played Hamilton where they were really tested. The Riders have been playing playoff style football for quite some time now.

I am going to throw away the Montreal's Winnipeg loss just like I throw away the Riders' Hamilton Loss. Both were just blips on the radar.

The Riders have an attitude that they can beat anyone and that they will.

Durant is a winner. I saw glimmers of it early last year in his games before he got hurt, and you can tell it's there right now. Yes he only threw for 200 yds, but he also threw 3 td's, and the Riders basically ran the ball exclusively in their last three possessions.

The Riders receiving corps are like the Canadian Military circa 1917 in their effectiveness. No show stoppers but everyone of them plays hard every play, and if your receivers never take a play off, they have no choice but to get open.

Etch's defense flat out makes plays. 3 picks 4 sacks against Calgary. Remember that this is a brand new unorthodox defense that has taken it's time to develop. I am pretty sure that they have it figured out now and should be able to confuse Calvillo enough to get at him a few times. The last time they played was the most times Calvillo got hit this year. Look for Frazier to be a show stopper here against the Al's inside receivers. Best db in the league.

Looking at the last game they played, I watched it again, and in my heavily tinted shades the Riders outplayed the Al's in the Second half.

I'm going to be there, and win or lose I am going to have a whale of a time. The line has the Al's 9.5 pt favorites, and I have no doubt that the Riders will at least cover that. Two good teams going at it in November, what more can you ask for.
Good luck Al's should be a great one.

Go Riders Go.