Redmen Online

OK technically not an Alouettes post
But they play at Molson Stadium :wink:

In a move that I hope is QUICKLY copied by all university teams country-wide
The McGill Redmen have decided to stream their home games this year.

I just found the stream....not all that sure about the details
But it can be found here:

It would be great to hear of ANY other college teams streaming their football games.

Please post any news!!!

Again thanks Senior- as A McGill graduate I will enjoy viewing my universiry team but, I will also enjoy viewing the other Quebec teams they play against. I noted in a past post that the Laval team ran on the Radio-CANADA Toronto TV station last Sunday at 2PM. Ireally enjoyed watching McGill win the Vanier Cup a few years back. But my favorite team is Laval- the powerhouse team in CANADA.

Don't know why this thread was doubled...hopefully the clone will pass quickly into obscurity :wink:

Yes Laval is GREAT
Destroyed McGill first game of the season...I think

I've been thinking that I know next to nothing about Canadian College Ball
So I too am looking forward to seeing lot's of new faces come into town
Hopefully other schools will pick it up and we can have a steady "stream" of games

If anyone on the McGill production team happens to read this:
While I understand the limitations of a one-camera, low budget system
You might want to encourage the cameraman to use the ZOOM a bit more
The occasional wide angle shot is cool to get the layout of offense/defense
But...especially at this kind of quality level getting in closer would certainly make the game easier to watch.

"It's a passing play...zoom out...pan left....stay with the BALL!"
Not easy, I know...but good experience I bet


They are probably streaming the game film camera, hence the wide angles and field view.

Also here is the CIS schedule , note in the right hand column games that have an audio or video stream/broacast are listed, the list is probably not perfect but it might help you catch some games.

Forget something?

Weird the two threads were merged and my link got deleted...

I watched the Concordia (my alma mater) @ Bishop game on Week 1, the feed was horrible…

I’m willing to give SSN another try later this year…

Try again?

Hey, I am both a McGill alumnus and staff member. However, Redmen football sucks. Really not worth paying attention to. The hockey team, however, is a different story.

Actually wouldn't mind seeing the Rouge et Or

Your point about McGill may be true....but the opposition coming into town might be another thing altogether