Redevelopment of Lansdowne delayed

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I'm not liking this... if construction was originally slated to be completed by June 2013 (which is dumb anyway), then this could jeopardize a 2013 return of the CFL to Ottawa.

What the friends of Landsdowne are doing is trying to slow the project in he hopes outside factors like interest rate hikes or breakdown of the partners makes them walk away. If the judge finds that the city was proper. I hope the city or the Hunt Group counter sues those people.

This has all of the markings of the Hamilton ongoing and very much delayed shenanigans.

Sadly, you could see this coming. This group that wants to stop the re-development of Lansdowne, and that is all they want to do, they want to prove a point and that's all. The judge overseeing the case, hopfully will see what all this about and just rule in favour of the re-development. Unfortunately once that's that done there could be an appeal, maybe not, I don't know if they can. The bottom line is that re-development is put off though one entire construction season, the chances that the stadium will be ready in 2013, almost zero.

No, I disagree, nothing like the Hamilton situation. I don't see the people living around IWS protesting and taking the city to court because they want to turn IWS into a park.

If you go back and look at our posts on this site a year ago, we all said the same thing "the friends of Lansdowne" will do everything possible to delay and they will fight it in court. The demolition of the stadium will be delayed a few months, nothing has changed. OSEG was expecting it too. The stadium will still be ready for 2013

I'm still fairly confident too.

I didn't see if another article included it, but someone was quoted suggesting that they do the things they would have to do regardless, like demolish the remaining south side stands. It's not like they're of any use to anyone.

I didn't think there was anything left of the South Side stands. The last time I was down there was July and it looked like the south side was completely cleared out. It's an advantage that the demolition was a few years ago and they can start building right on the empty south side site. If they do start construction in the fall, that would give them maybe 20 months, if the season opener is in July 013.

When I last heard Jeff Hunt interviewed about a month ago, he said that pushing this to November or so would start making achieving that start date a little suspect so based on that I think your range is pretty sound.

About the south side, I meant the upper deck? Is it gone too?? I haven't been out there in a while, but if they did away with them, I hadn't heard.

yes, you are right I forgot, it was the lower deck that was removed. Should be a big renovation job to take down the upper deck. Let's hope that the first season isn't delayed too much and they don't have to play the first half of the season on the road.

Here's hoping it all gets done. However, it's a democracy of course and the "Friends" group has the right to the democratic process, fair enough.

Not if it appears to be an abuse of the system!

Well in that case AT, then the judge must put an end to it soon enough.

Looks like FULL SPEED AHEAD the city and OSEG are close to a settlement with the FOL

City Reaches Agreement With Lansdowne Opponents

CFRA News Team
Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A major deal has been reached between the city, developer and community groups in the redevelopment of Lansdowne Park.

The agreement puts the city closer to avoiding a provincial municipal board hearing.

However, there are still three appeals filed by individuals that have yet to be resolved.

City council approved a mediated settlement that will change the size of the redevelopment and give cash to community groups and businesses.

The agreement will give $300,000 in financial assistance to the Glebe BIA and $30,000 to community groups to help them cope with construction.

That cost will be shared by the city and the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group.

The city hopes to settle the other three appeals before an Ontario Municipal Board hearing scheduled for May 9th.


Does this have any effect on the court case? It seems like it's only referring to the appeals to the OMB.


After reading these two articles:

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It sounds like the city and OSEG are giving up a lot for relatively little gain. It seems like some of the revenue generating components of the plan, a lot of the residential element, are coming off the table, and an important access component (the use of Holmwood Ave) is being restricted as well. All of these sacrifices are being done to bring the Glebe BIA on board.

However, there are still three private OMB challenges, and a civil suit by the Friends of Lansdowne, that are unaffected by this deal. I don't get it. If you're going to be reviewed by the OMB anyway, why bother giving up components of the project?

I hope you know what you're doing, OSEG...


I guess to do away with the possibility that you might lose.

I wonder if this isn't all part of the plan? Like when you sell a house and you list it for higher so that you don't really mind coming down in price.

Nice to know, by the way, that those who accused everyone supporting this deal of being on the take also have a price of their own. :?

According to the Sun today the Mayor wants to "speed up" the process so they can meet FIFAs deadline. The city and OSEG are hoping to host the FIFA women’s world cup in 2015 and the under-20 women’s world cup in 2014. They have to have the the stadium ready for December 2013.

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Err, isn't that slowing it down? Wasn't it supposed to be built by June 2013? This isn't exactly encouraging.

I can't see how they could possibly build a stadium in time for the 2013 season. Realistically, if they go out for tender now they could get shovels in the ground by September and then 2 years construction would be the fall of 2013.

I don't know for sure, but I think it's a shorter time frame because they're not rebuilding the entire north side.

That said, if rows 30 and up are currently condemned, I don't know how you "fix" without the whole thing coming down. :?