Redeem Team? REDBLACKS offence looks to serve up crow will be previewing the 2021 season, breaking down special teams, defence and offence for all nine teams as they get set to hit the field.

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A coach can only do so much. Ask Belichick about that. I feel for Nichols, LaPolice & Benevides, I really do. But with the losses on OL Nichols may be spending a lot of time on his backside. There are some pieces there but when you look at almost any offence in the league, the discrepancy in talent is obvious. A lot of new faces have to step up & have their best seasons. I can't see the REDBLACKS competing offensively with the likes of Hamilton, Toronto or Montreal who are loaded. Ottawa has perhaps been hardest hit with retirements in terms of talent lost & has maybe the worst schedule in the CFL playing 3 games in 10 days @ one point. Love the REDBLACKS fans who support the team well but IMO it doesn't look like they'll have much to cheer about.


It was LaPolice that brought Nichols, Flanders and Peterman to Ottawa, he liked what he saw in them. Ottawa has stocked up on O-linemen, so Nichols should have decent protection.
Ottawa not expected to do well but they are probably happy to be underdogs.
Remember 2015? 12 wins after 1 win in 2014, no one predicted that.

I like to think they view it the same as being in a split class, or how the golden knights were expected to be bad. The underdogs have no pressure and can play significantly freer and focus on playing their game. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them put on some fun games regardless if they win.

I’d also argue we don’t know there is a lack of talent on the team given the experience level of them. CFL is a hard league to break into but there is no shortage of skill! Optimism is the key to life otherwise this will be a hard hard season

Serve up crow??? After last season they should be ecstatic just to be competitive. Which I hope they do, it sucks having a patsy in the league. I want every game to be a cliffhanger. They have a lot of obstacles to overcome.