Anthony Reddick , Excellent extension signing, probably the best tackler on the team :rockin:

I agree on Reddick being a valuable cog in the defense. He's a versatile playmaker who gets the job done.

I can't wait to see how the secondary plays out this year - who plays where. Where, for example, does Benevides plan to play Lin-J Shell? Could we possibly see an import at safety in Byron Parker or Ryan Phillips or will that continue to be LaRose/Muamba?

All I know is we're going to have a lot of ballhawks and playmakers back there. :rockin:

I agree. Reddick is the best tackler on our D and will likely get most of the snaps at the nickel spot, where Banks has been for the last few seasons assuming Banks remains at short side halfback. This is the latest in a string of great signings by the silver haired fox, formerly coach Brillo, now GM Brillo.

And I not the release of J>R. Ruffin, who probably looked at the signing of Shell and Parker and decided there wouldn't be too many snaps for him in BC anymore. Best of luck to J.R., except when he plays BC.

My advice to opposition teams coming into BC Place in 2012: save your money; stay at home and mail us the two points, 'cause if you fly out here you're gonna get your ass beaten big time.

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy: