So Johnny all italics hates millionaires? without the Bob Youngs, David Braleys, Wetenalls, we don't have a CFL.
If you did some research you would find that Bob is the "caretaker" that pays the bills, he leaves the running of the team to the football guys. He doesn't hire and fire coaches!!

I call him "Caretaker"

He doesn't override the moderators, he is a moderator, the ultimate moderator IMO.

If Caretaker deletes one of your assured it deserved to be deleted and that falls on you not the Caretaker.

who are you to dictate what Bob Young does or does not do with HIS money?
and I'm quite certain the CFL would gladly welcome another billionaire into the league with open arms.

He is the savior of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and an integral part in the survival and resurrection of the CFL.

Young and Braley saved this league from extinction.
That may mean little to you, but a heck of a lot to the rest of us.

Johnny all italics is just trying to get attention. He started a poll on the REDBLACKS site asking how long before they fold.

After watching our Politicians blow Tax Payers monies on bad deals like Gas Plants that didn't get off the ground, I would be in favor of the government federal and provincial supporting the expansion of the CFL and helping to build stadiums and infrastructure in other potential cities in Canada. Cities could either run the teams publicly like Edmonton and Regina or privately through local ownership and investment groups and instead of eight or nine teams by 2014 we could be 12 teams by 2017?

London, Halifax, Moncton, Quebec City, could all be potential areas of expansion.

That would make for a Truly Canadian League from Coast to Coast!!

The Mayor of Halifax met with CFL Commish Mark Cohon in July 2013 to discuss a Stadium and expansion to his City.

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Conflict of interest... And MRX SUCKS!!!!!!!!! Has Bob the Young heard of Internet 2.0? Has he heard of the fax machine?

If anyone is unhappy with the moderation here, the best bet is to go build your own Ticats web forum, with blackjack and hookers. In fact, forget the web forum...

But "cities" don't run the teams publicly like Edmonton and Regina. It's the people/fans that buy into the teams, where do you think the money comes from to run the team?? There has to be a lot of interest in your team to go public and be willing to buy into the team, we know just by the attendance in cities like Regina that there is a lot of interest in the CFL. It costs a lot of money to run a CFL team and the people that pay into run the team are usually the same people that buy the season tickets.
If it was that easy don't you think that more cities would have community owned teams?

As for "well our politicians blow our money so let's blow more of it" two wrongs don't make a right and you can't keep spending more money than you bring in. Most taxpayers are just tired of it and spending hundreds of millions on a football stadium for a team that only plays 9 games a year is just not going to happen.
The exception was Ottawa where a group of investors demonstrated to the city through a business case, that that they could make money from Lansdowne Park if you turn it over to us instead of the city running it.
But Ottawa has a million people and the highest income levels in Canada, the ownership group can operate a CFL team and an NASL team and the public will support it and the city gets their investment back through taxes and payments from Lansdowne.

There isn't that potential anywhere else in Canada.

Steve (and many others I suspect) hopes Bob Young will delete Johnny altogether.

The best thing to do is just ignore him. Why bother to react to his posts? that's what he is after to get a reaction from us and its' working.

What’s working?

If Bob does that, it will just prove Johnny's point. :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm not sure what you believe your intention was. However, you have beyond a shadow of a doubt proved you are an attention seeking troll. I welcome any intelligent comment about Football from you, however, I'm not counting on it.