So with the RedBlacks are on board next season, I assume Winnipeg will get kicked back over to the West. If so, I really hope this doesn’t stay apparent for long. To me this lopsidedness doesnt look good at all. Maybe in the 90’s but not in todays CFL. But, what city could fill that 10th spot and… is there any prospects on horizon?? Besides the East coast which I think won’t happen anytime soon. Then maybe the mention of Quebec City every so often.
Does anyone have a city in mind or heard anything mentioned? I guess if I were to pick, I think London could support a team nicely. A field is already in place at the university (needs upgrades I realize this) and a population of 470,000 and growing. Just a thought

352,395 ( … lstats.htm)

East Coast is next, where specifically is the only question.

Hi Moonbase-

You sure caught me with the title of this thread. I didn’t know that it was going to be one about expansion prospects.

Thats a 2006 stat David..... it is 470,000 plus

The search is on for an owner in Atlantic Canada. This isn't news, it has been ongoing for a few years. Moncton is the focus as a regional centre that could draw in fans from throughout the maritime, but realistically Halifax has the concentration of population and might be a more viable market. The $100M+ stadium and an owner willing to commit serious $$$ to the CFL are the only things in the way... :oops:

Braley...... Calling David Braley....... :slight_smile:

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"Hello, you've reached David Braley. I'm unable to take your call right now as I'm busy about in the Toronto area looking for an appropriate location for a stadium/entertainment real estate project for the Argonauts of Toronto. Once this is finalized, I will return your call immediately so please leave your name, phone number and brief message and I will get back to you eventually. Have a nice day. David."

Winnipeg definately moving back West next season. As for talk about expansion, do we have to discuss this AGAIN!!


Time for the irvings to step up tp the plate.

It's probably either the Irvings or the McCains. Neither one is likely... they're very focused on their businesses and they like making money, not losing it. Owning a CFL team is a labour of love... hard work, and marginal prospects of making a decent return on your investment of money, time and effort. You need deep pockets and a thick skin.

[sarcasm]Oh, is that all that’s in the way… :roll: [/sarcasm]

Yes, that’s true and who would want to invest in a market where there is only 138,000 people and where the average wage is well below the national average.

Yup, last available. Unless there's something else I missed?

Fact Check: 366,151 (2011 Census)

David, just when you think you have all the answers, I change the questions!!
Did you bother to look closer? "Fact Check" :roll:
Take a closer look and you will see that your figure is the city alone, and not the metro population I was referring to...474,786
Have a nice day!!,_Ontario

This might be of assistance

[url=] ... _in_Canada[/url]

Quebec City makes more sense, but the university and possibly even the city itself is hostile to the CFL because it might hurt their precious Rogue et Or.

Tri-City (Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo) are too close to Hamilton, as with St. Catherines.

London and Halifax seem to me to be the best choices if Quebec City stays off of the table and given the CFL's support in southern Ontario, Halifax seems like a better way to go. They just need a council who can take a risk and be given the right chance to build a stadium.

What does population have to do with CFL support?? Regina has 200,000 population but can attract 30,000 plus to a game, while Toronto, which has close to 8 million people that live within an hours drive can only manage 20,000.
You need CFL interest and from what I’ve seen there doesn’t seem to be any interest east of Montreal . People in Quebec city are demanding an NHL team and their council is willing to spend hundreds of millions to build an arena and attract a hockey team. Why on earth would any city council spend hundreds of millions on a football stadium when a team would only play 9 games a year? They are never going to attract an ownership group.

You say they “need a council who can take a risk to build a stadium” ? you are talking about TAXPAYERS money, the majority of citizens would not support spending that sort of taxpayers cash when there are a lot more important things to spend their money on.
Unless an ownership group like in Ottawa came along and put up a business case for the stadium and the surrounding commercial lands around it. Demonstrate to the city that if you develop an area you can get taxes, rents, naming rights etc that would make a stadium pay for itself over 20 years or so.

How about no more talk about expansion, but how the Argos can be saved or how we can survive without a CFL team in Toronto and how we live with an NFL team there. That is more likely to happen than another CFL team.

Well if it's on wiki, it must be true. Love playing with numbers....Hamilton is at 721,053!

I agree with you. Good points.

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[i]Irvings or the McCains? Just what the CFL needs: another billionaire who knows nuttin about football, like Bob Young! How many former Hamilton head coaches are on the payroll in 2013, 6 or 7? Keep making mistakes and paying Bob the Young! :thdn:

Johnny hopes Young won't use his MRX super user account (he owns the company) to delete JOhnny's post, look up his IP address and send him a computer virus.

What do you call it when a CFL owner, who owns the company that makes the CFL website, gives himself a super user account, and overrides the moderators to post opinions and delete threads and messages that he don't like...?