REDBLACKS' WR Brad Sinopoli announces retirement

OTTAWA — After a nine-season CFL career that saw him emerge as both a star player and fan favourite, REDBLACKS receiver Brad Sinopoli has announced his retirement from professional football.

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Very surprised by the sudden retirement of the very gifted Canadian receiver-Brad Sinopoli.You provided many highlight reel plays during your 9 year pro career. I wish you all the very best in your post football aspirations ! :canada:

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Huge loss for the REDBLACKS.


Yes a huge loss. As I stated in another post, no greater Canadian receiver.
I think he had 4 seasons in a row with over 1,000 yards

Active or ever?

In my books both

Maybe Ray Elgaard? Ben Cahoon has slightly more career receiving yards than Elgaard, but I think he grew up in the usa mostly and had at least one Canadian parent so qualified as a Canuck.

Tony Gabriel is quite the legend in Ottawa too.

Cahoon was an American who went came out of the NCAA, I don't think he had ever been to Canada before but he qualified to play because of a parent born in Canada.
Gabriel was good dependable but no Sinopoli and Gabriel played NCAA in Syracuse, not a Canadian U grad.
It was amazing that a CIS QB, never trained as a receiver could switch positions and lead the league in catches and then have so many 1,000 yard seasons.
Too bad about 019, Ottawa didn't have a QB that could throw him the ball.

I guess it makes Coombs the new National receiver. They had high hope for former number one pick Behar, but his name isn't on the Ottawa roster

So you are basing your comment on a player coming out of the CIS or a Canadian player regardless of where he played?

I would put him at the top of the list, no matter if he was CIS or ex-NCAA
I was trying to point out the other Canadian receivers, were drafted and coached by the NCAA and considering he came out of a CIS school as a QB that is pretty amazing

This better explains your choice.

Atlanticfifan, Behar was actually drafted by Elks but is free agent or was. RedBlacks just signed him yesterday if you check CFL transactions. So, sad to see Sinopoli go. Behar signing probably was in the works. I assume mgmt knew for a while Brad was likely leaving.

I just checked the Redblacks roster and Behar wasn't listed and Sinopoli's name has already been deleted. But yes according to CFL transactions Behar was added yesterday

I am biased, but Andy Fantuz was pretty good

We're all biased, Grover, one way or another.

I would put CIS and Canadian JR Jason Clermont up there along Sinopoli .

He was born in Canada and lived in Canada

In his time simply having a Canadain parent was not enough to qualify as a Canadian, it is now

The agreement changes the way players are classified. Instead of being known as non-imports and imports, they will now be classified as nationals and internationals.

A player will be considered a national player if he was a Canadian citizen at the time of signing his first contract, was classified as a non-import prior to May 31, 2014, or was physically resident in Canada for an aggregate period of five years prior to reaching the age of 18.

In the past, a player could be born in Canada and have Canadian citizenship, but not qualify for non-import status if he received his football training outside of Canada. One example would be the sons of some former CFL players, who may have been born in Canada but learned their football in the U.S.

While some have long argued non-import players should simply be called Canadians, there remain some players in the league who were counted as non-imports even though they are not Canadian citizens.