redblacks won again

the team of red and black just won the game of team risk that I played. :rockin:

However, in the real game at TD Place - Argos lead 24-10

well, I like both teams but would have preferred Ottawa to win so they would be tied.

It's always good when your team wins AND you picked them to win! :smiley:

Earlier in the season I called the Argo , the Argolucks.

Take it back. Nothing lucky about them. They are good.

They are very good at taking advantage of other teams mistakes. Same time they do not shoot themselves in the foot.

This took place in the RB's game. Good game, both played hard . Argos just took advantage of their chances better than OTT.

BTW, just want to thank Rod Black so much for ONCE AGAIN reminding viewers that there was a team called the Rough Riders , then the Renegades, and now the RedBlacks.

Every game he does with Ott, he mentions it. I just wish he would just mention it every qrt so nobody forgets. :roll:

Hey its good when their hated rivals pick them to win and they win too! :smiley: So far 3-0 this week - GO RIDERS!!