REDBLACKS weigh options with first overall pick

TORONTO — Thanks to a productive winter, the Ottawa REDBLACKS head into spring with a plethora of options in front of them ahead of the CFL Draft.

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Yes they have to pick an O lineman for the future

Can someone please explain what is meant when a football mind /decision maker says we will draft "the best player" ??? Is this a specific position (QB is usually regarded as the most important position in football?) ? Is it a guy who has clearly proven he is better than all other players available, and if so, how. How do you compare the best O-lineman draftable to the best D-back?, or the best LB compared to the best running back? IF a player wins rookie of the year in college ball and then makes all-star teams every year in college ball, and leads in a particular stat(s) all his college career, and nobody else on the draft board has that on their resume, then does that make the guy the "best player" in the draft , regardless of position ? ;o)

GENERALLY ... it means avoiding simply drafting by need ... great example of drafting by need is Marc Bergevin and the Montreal Canadiens taking Jesperi Kotkaniemi over Brady Tkachuk and Quinn Hughes because they wanted a centre.

Ottawa is in a nice spot - but I suspect it came at a price of endig up in last place.

Hopefully the Cats don't trade for the number # 1 with Ottawa .
Simple reason being that we always seem to screw things up when we get to go first in the draft .

Exhibit # A , # B and # C ...

2021 - Jake Burt
2018 - Mark Chapman
2013 - Linden Gaydosh

Wouldn't Shawn Burke have been in on that Jake Burt pick? RedBlacks should think of excusing him from having draft input now. ;o)


In the Red Blacks case - most probably. Their current GM has done well to put together what should be a competitive team. They really are not hunting for anyone in a specific position so....pick the most talented guy you can.....

Maybe all 3. Burke was Director of Football Operations in 2011 before going on to Asst Manager.

I wouldn't be surprised to see them trade their #1. I think with Laing getting older & Boateng gone they may go DL. I'm not as sold on the REDBLACKS as some are. For me the TiCats look like the class in the East. If they can get some QB'ing, Argos are still a very solid team too.

Shawn Burke is polishing the proverbial turd. Redblacks still have a huge void at QB (most important position in the game) and some vary iffy action personnel. Yes, they caught Paul LaPolice (Old Plopster) with his hands in the cookie jar and Bobby should be a small upgrade over the laborious, over-thinking & cowardly LaPolice.
LaPolice was notoriously a player's coach and players took advantage of his super softy approach. Surely, Dyce can't even come close to Lapolice's willingness to cave to players demands. You have to be a bit of an office tough-boy to handle players in this or any other professional league!

But you could say that about any team - "IF they can get some QBing" A year ago we had high hopes for Ottawa, but when Mazoli went down early for the season it was game over.
Ticats were predicted to win it all and Dane was going to have a great year. What happened?
The Argos are unknown at QB right now.
BLM was benched in Calgary, will he do any better in Hamilton?
Will Mazoli make a great comeback?
Montreal is questionable at QB too, Fajardo was a bust in Sask
Can't predict the east at all this year.