:redblacks: REDBLACKS vs :riders: Riders game thread topic, Aug 6, 2023

:redblacks: Ottawa REDBLACKS


:riders: Saskatchewan Roughriders

game time - 2023-08-06T23:00:00Z

preview - Week 9 wraps up with REDBLACKS visiting Riders - CFL.ca

tracker - 2023-08-06 Game Tracker - SASKATCHEWAN Roughriders vs. OTTAWA REDBLACKS (6340) - CFL.ca

who will win
  • :redblacks: Ottawa REDBLACKS
  • :riders: Saskatchewan Roughriders
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If Ottawa loses I go 1 for 4 in the GCC pool :flushed:. Battle of the back-ups so it’s actually a hard one to call. Tough year for starting qbs. I hope it’s an entertaining game nonetheless.


i need riders to win to give me a .500 weekend :unamused:


Yeah, same here



Ya well I’ve got ya both beat . I need the Riders so I can get at least one win this week .


this weekend has been something

I view that as a good thing, as something is usually better than nothing. Usually. Sometimes it requires work to see it that way. And it depends on your point of view, frame of mind, and sometimes the phase of the moon. Sometimes nothing is better than something but that doesn’t say much for the something. I ramble,still an hour to go.

Oh man… I hope the game starts on time. I hate working graveyards lol I always have to leave before the last 30 minutes of the game


Just got back in Winnipeg. Listening to the Riders pre game show. They seem to think the game will go as scheduled. They also seem to think the Riders will win. I tend to agree.


I see the air rating has now moved to 9/10 … yes it will stink but is.it clear ?

Here in the fraser valley once it goes past 8 its like dense fog

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I’m on a 7 game heater…should have been playing proline!

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Ottawa can do this. They have the ‘Crum’.

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OK Kate, I called you a pumpkin last game, today you’re hot!


I think it’s the Ott D that will keep them in it. Crum will finish it.


If it comes down to QB play, I give the Ottawa rookie the edge over the Regina rookie. If I was running the Riders, I’d be starting Patterson instead.

Hey I hope it goes smoothly. How’s it been?

And knowing the drill, I sure hope those bojacks coming to work or calling in the morning leave you and your co-workers alone for one night too.

The cycles of the moon certainly make a big difference for sake of “those” calls or people!

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It’s been going good!

Yea the moon cycle has a scary effect on people lol. We’ll see how it goes tonight. I plan on reading CFL articles all night between calls lol

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lets go Riders.

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Nice catch in the sun there