Redblacks vs Eskimos

Let's get this game going :rockin: :rockin:

Commonwealth looks full!

commonwealth is one of the nicest stadiums in the world and edmonton has some of the greatest sports fans in the world.

Edmonton bad. Winnipeg good.

The corners at commonwealth are a very, very long way from the action and the concourse is dangerously narrow when the stadium is full. Especially when they allow flimsy credit card kiosks to block the flow of people. The track is also completely useless. Looks great on TV, however, and no doubt about the great fans.

Grant Shaw. Yikes!

So talk about an offensive struggle early on.

Guys dropping easy passes, and some confusion with regards to plays called.

The one score happened to be a 65-yard run by speedster Walker.

And despite a drop or two, Bowman pretty much the only receiver that has showed up to this point.

Jones looked extremely pissed after he missed that chip shot.

I think its about time to pull the plug on this guy as a placekicker. He's a pretty good punter, but his field goal kicking has been awful. And, not to mention as a "national", he's been given every opportunity and he still blew it. Shades of Jamie Boreham with the 23 yard shanks

Looking at some of the new crop of kickers coming in and missing basically nothing, a 23-yard shank is completely inexcusable.

Score flatters Ottawa.

Is Chevon Walker the league's best running back to this point in the season?

Demon tons D sure has improved!

Last year we used to lose games in the second , not this year.

Touchdown!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: the heck is THAT roughing the passer? what a bullsh!t call

Horrible call. Cost Ottawa 7 points.

I think he used his hand on Reilly's helmet, head contact.

…he had him by the jersey…Reilly’s head was untouched

If you look at the reply the ref was throwing the flag before Reilly hit the ground.