RedBlacks vs. Alouettes

Wow... Just got home from work and turned on the game at about 7 minutes left in third quarter. Can't believe there isn't a game thread going yet...

Just watched the objectionable conduct penalty called on a blatant pass interference by Bear Woods... This is why fans are questioning the calibre of the referee's this year.... Official wearing number 55 staring at the play, and doesn't see the mugging. Ottawa players put up their arms and get called for questioning the referee! Brutal.. Then the infamous PI challenge flag comes out and is in OTTAWA's favor... Only in the CFL!

Nice punt fake by Ottawa to get a field goal at least!

What meagre activity there is can be found under the Als board.

Im questioning whether this is pro football or not. Rediculous penalties, some warrented some not, and a lack of quality of play is really taking its toll on the CFL brand this season.

Ottawa scores a touchdown on 3 missed tackles by Montreal... 23 - 17 for ALS early in the 4th Quarter

Is the game sold out?

LOL @ Campbell asking for a review of the review. If there was ever a dumber challenge, I haven't seen it. :lol:

I dont know how the fumble was overturned. Also I dont know why the officials allowed Campbell to rechallenge.

Wow! That "huddle of officials" and fumble review, combined with a challenge of a review, is 10 minutes of my life I will never get back.. This is horrible for the league! If the command Center reviews a play, and makes a ruling, why would Ottawa challenge?

First, mediocre play on the field
Second, mediocre officials on the field
Third, bad coaching decisions by Ottawa

This should be good for trying to get new viewers in the US markets (insert sarcasm here!)


Well it is one way to embarrass the officials. That should have stayed with the call on the field because none of the replays showed INDISPUTABLE evidence to overturn the call.

Yes. They have to ensure the pace of the game remains high. Having said that, with only 4 minutes left, the game is well under 3 hours long.

Ya. I think it could have went either way it was that close. But if the command Center makes a ruling, obviously the coaches challenge would never be overturned. If the league, would have reversed that call on the coaches challenge, there would be ZERO credibility left. Rick Campbell should know that...

Either the DB's shoe touched London while he was down or London was deemed to have "given himself up" when he sort of stretched out on the field before getting up.

Given the explanation, it must have been the first.

Should the Als be thankful that O'Brien isn't in the game for this last drive?

Nice 7 - 8 yard routes run by the Ottawa receivers on the 3rd down and 10. :roll:

That was some terrible football in the last couple minutes. Two-and-out after two-and-out.

Ottawa third and 10 and game on the line… So no receiver runs a route over 10 yards and they come up short! At the end of the season, the Ottawa coaching staff needs to review their decisions for the year… Because they have made some blunders

Did Burris call it hoping for YAC, or was it the receiver?

No need. Just fire Campbell. He's an idiot.

THAT would be a huge admission by Desjardins that his own hiring was a mistake.

He does seem to have a "dazed" look on the sideline all the time. I rewatched the Western Final the other day between the Stamps and the Riders... As the Stamps D-Coordinator last year, he had that dazed look after SSK ran over 200 yard on the ground too! :smiley: