REDBLACKS unveil new jerseys

The Ottawa REDBLACKS will go into the 2021 season with a refreshed look. The team unveiled its new jerseys on Saturday morning and let fans know that they’re available now, in their team store.

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The jerseys look great and with Calgary's Jersey change this year it now makes perfectly good sense to do it now .

My advice find a player you will keep , will want as the face of the franchise and put the number and name on some of the jerseys and sell them with a much better price point . Or even use a past player like Russ Jackson , Burris , Gabriel etc ..... .

The price for a name and number is steep and the plain jersey with no number etc .. too high .

Need some happy medium price point and you need a player/performer yearly you are willing to promote .

It would be great to have one throw back jersey too with old black jersey with white and red stripes on upper side shoulder .

These are such Stampeder knock offs! :thinking:
What, Are they trying to be like the Argos and take the hand me downs from the Stamps

Especially the new red one and the new white one without the plaid are very close to the last version of the Stamps .

Myself and others were looking for one old style version jersey from 76 .