REDBLACKS to sign Amobi Okoye

I don't usually start a thread about a specific signing but this guy's story is pretty wild. Hope it all works out for him, it'll be interesting to see how he successful he is.

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Amobi Okoye was in the prime of his life and career, a strapping young football player with eye-popping power and mobility who was looking forward to another NFL season.

Suddenly and cruelly, though, the former Texans starting defensive tackle found himself in a medically-induced coma for three months after being stricken with a rare disease that caused seizures and endangered his life three years ago.

As neurologists worked to diagnose and treat an autoimmune syndrome called anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis that had stricken Okoye and caused convulsions during workouts and initially prompted fears that he had suffered a heart attack, the former Texans' first-round draft pick lost roughly 80 pounds. Okoye has a 145-day memory gap from his time in the hospital before being released Aug. 7, 2013.

Okoye temporarily lost most of his ability to speak. He had to relearn other basic human functions, including walking and eating.

Today, Okoye is a dramatic medical success story and has been cleared to play football again.

The story says nothing about it. And he signed with ottawa already.

That article is from almost two weeks ago. Ottawa was in the picture at that point. At least not publicly.

It's his background I find interesting (the illness and how far he's come to overcome it). Never mind recovering form that sort of thing, recovering it to the point of being able to play pro football.

I believe the signing will be announced today (hence the thread to title "to sign" the future, see...) or tomorrow.

I hope it works out for him as well. I recently read a book about this Brain on Fire, an account of a young woman's struggle with this for a diagnosis and eventual treatment. Read this because right now I'm in the midst of neurologists trying to figure out what is wrong we me as I've been having weird movement disorders and zipping and zapping pains, burns in legs and the strangest fatigue where I can't keep erect and melt to the ground with awake type seizures and inability to move for sometimes up to 15 or so minutes and can't speak or get words out and recently walking is getting difficult some days with spasms in lower legs and unsteadiness. Anyways, I won't talk about myself, my GP is sending me off to Toronto to see another neurologist who hopefully can get to the bottom of this. He doesn't think it's conversion disorder, psychogenic in origin, as some neurologists here in Hamilton think. (good short read here about this and ... 65198.html and even parents have to beware of thinking too much about their childrens health with some doctors)

At any rate, it would be great to see him return to his old self as a football player and who he was in the fullest sense.

Brain on Fire -- ... in-on-fire