RedBlacks to play first game in Saskatchewan

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The Ottawa RedBlacks will play their first-ever game June 14 in Regina.

The Sun has learned the RedBlacks will be the home team when they line up against the Saskatchewan Roughriders in their exhibition season opener.

I am sure the Melon heads will welcome HENNNNRYYY!

BTW, The Ottawa Sun Misspelled the name (not all caps) OOOOPS!!

Also, it will be interesting to see where The Cats will play their home preseason game.

Could they wear this in Sask.

What a strange scheduling decision. It was the green riders that blocked Ottawa from reviving their historic name, and yet this game seems intentionally designed to evoke the old story lines around "Riders vs. Riders". Putting it in Regina should only remind fans outside Sask how mean-spirited the green riders were with respect to Ottawa's return.

'"The only way Saskatchewan would vote for us was they had the right to veto our name,? Jeff Hunt, part of the Ottawa CFL team’s ownership group, told an Ottawa Sun Editorial Board meeting. “I thought in fullness of time, we would prevail on Saskatchewan to allow a community to have its own history. The Rough Riders name even pre-dates [CFL] history. I thought they could be convinced. But I thought wrong. As time passed, their adamance from us using the name only grew.

“With that being said, it wasn’t automatic we were going to use the name. But three of my (owners) are Ottawa guys and they wanted to use Rough Riders.?

Hopefully, if it's an Ottawa "home" game, Ottawa gets to keep the Regina gate receipts if not their name ...

I can understand Saskatchewan not wanting the same name. They finally had it to themselves and had the veto power to stop it. I am Ok with that what I am not OK with is; WTH is a "RedBlacK". Only in Ottawa eh! The city of politicos could not come up with a better name than the REDBLACKS. It's going to be fun with that one when the season starts. I can see that coming!

If it's Ottawa's home game, I assume that Ottawa has rented Mosaic for the game and they get the revenue from the crowd, or shared revenue with Sask?
May be a good move by Ottawa, better than scheduling their home pre-season game in Toronto where pre-season games can't draw a crowd.

So if Ottawa plays their road game in Montreal then Montreal's road game would have to be in Toronto? or would they have to travel out West too. What about Toronto? they can't travel to Montreal because the Als are playing Ottawa, they can't travel to Ottawa or Hamilton because their stadiums aren't ready.
What about Hamilton? they can't travel to Montreal or Ottawa for a road game, they could play in Toronto if Montreal is not playing there. Where would they play their home game? maybe Hamilton will have to play out West too.

Very confusing

Fixed it for ya Mikey!!! :slight_smile:

Other then the revenue amount from Regina which I agree is big, I wonder if they thought about a neutral site game like in Quebec City involving the other francophone team the Als?

i hear halifax has a perfectly usable stadium...