RedBlacks to make "major" player annoucement today.

Season ticket holders have just been told who it is, but PLEASE let's not spoil it. Let's see who can guess who would qualify as a major signing at this point. You have about three hours until the official announcement.


Adrian McPherson?


Actually, I'm already seeing it on Twitter. People can't help but want to share it. It'll be spoiled anyway.

well you might as well tell us...

or give a hint...and then i'll guess again.

so if AM was close I assume its a QB. Has he played in CFL before?

No, I was kidding about that...It probably gives it away, but he's a former CFL rookie of the year.

C. W.? if so wow. neat

Indeed. I was actually thinking Curran because we hadn't heard his name in a while so this came as a hell of a surprise.


Well,according to your REDBLACK beat reporter:

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Will be interesting to see Speedy and CW playing in a game. Very interesting!

It'll end 287-280, all kickoff returns, last one with the ball wins.

Great news for Ottawa. well done. I'm glad he's back in the league.

Certainly adds a level interest to Redblacks v Ticats games this year. (Especially at THF). Can't wait for that one.

You know what I like, too?

"The team announced the move in a letter to season ticket holders on Tuesday,..."

This might seem common-place to the rest of you, but I don't recall past organizations showing consideration to season-ticket holders in the past. Nice move to continue building loyalty. Costs absolutely nothing. :thup:

Burris must be happy today.

If only the CFL would start scheduling an annual thanksgiving day clash with the TIgercats at Ottawa. This signing would really help kickstart that rivalry.

…and with that every single fan in Hamilton wants it to be Nov 1st tomorrow to see this guy taken off the field in a sponge. :twisted:

Completely the right move by Ottawa though, so long as they locked him into a Ft. Knox contract. With the new convert rules, having an epic returner just makes sense.

It's official,signed,sealed and delivered.............. Williams,Burris,Ellingson,Delahunt,Walker,Carter etc.etc. Might as well just rename the team the "REDBLACKCATS !!! at least he didn't sign with the Argos !!! :slight_smile:

That receiving corps the Redblacks have acquired looks rather impressive: Greg Ellingson, Brad Sinopoli, Marcus Henry, Chris Williams, Maurice Price - and Chevon Walker and John Delahunt in the backfield. Yes, I'd say Burris is pretty happy. Only thing that would make him happier would be a better o-line.

Would make me happier too. I still have concerns about that area.