Redblacks @ Tiger -Cats Game Thread.

Great play to recover the short kick. Just missed Addison for the TD, but it would have come back anyway due to offside.

I think Lirim kicked that short one with the outside of his foot. You don’t see that very often. Usually the angle they take on the run-up telegraphs which way the kick will go.

really have to appreciate just how good this team is. Really a treat to watch the exciting plays they can pull off

Let’s see if they can convert on 2nd and 20 - but not enough. Time for Liram to do his magic!

OTTRB trickery on3rd down doesn’t work. Back to out O. Wynn got a good shot in on Arndt too just as he made that last toss so that could keep him a bit off balance.

Thought that looked like a bit of early contact on Acklin.

Offence needs to get Banks involved

Absolutely agree! Especially since I’d like some fantasy points from him! ;D

I’m rather glad that the OTTRB DBs can’t catch well. OUCH - blocked punt! OTTRBs have usually won at THF in the past few years - absolutely NEED to break that streak!

And OUCH Simoni down!

It’s a surprisingly low scoring game.

Have NO idea why Black (or Forde) thought there should be a flag in the end zone on that attempted TD to Harris. If anything there was OPI! Too bad Leonard couldn’t reel that one in! :frowning:

OTTRB D is here to play and I’d say that our offense is maybe just a bit slow off the mark - maybe from coming off the bye. They need to step it up in the second half and put these “pretenders” away.

really could use some points

Ward with the tying FG. Time to start putting these has-beens away.

Yup - time to at least get a FG but a TD before the half would be WAY better. But they go go for the FG. :frowning: At least they’ll go into the break with a slight lead.
Arndt does have an arm on him and I think looks better than either Davis or Jennings ever did.

246 yards to 74.

Maybe it’s just me but I thought we would have a much bigger lead by now. Some good plays but still feel we are under achieving overall.

We need to break this game open in the 2nd half.

Almost fainted when I saw Simoni get hurt, glad he appears to be ok.

Looks to me like the plan is to use Ottawa as real time practice material in preparation for the playoffs.

The only thing that concerns me is Dane Evans and his dangerous passing. He throws too many passes that are easy to pick off.

2 sacks, 1 int, 1 blocked punt… not so good for a top tier team.