Redblacks @ Tiger -Cats Game Thread.

Story lines Rod/ Panel will run into the ground.

In no particular order

  1. Evans, “Killer Bs”, chemistry, Condell., Stein
  2. Our roster depth after a depth player makes a play
  3. The rest/play/rust thing
  4. Arndt something something.
  5. General wonderfulness, 13 wins, no one saw this coming, Masoli injury was supposed to be a disaster etc

Wild Card. Trying to squeeze MTL/ East Final mentions into above list .

Glad I’ll be at the game and not watching it on TV.

I’m not so lucky but I tend to tune out a lot of the announcing chatter anyway (helps when you’re hard of hearing!) I’ll be at the final game of the season - such as it is.
Still looking forward to our guys giving the OTTRBs a good beat down - like they’ve done to us a couple of times.
I predicted a final score of 54 - recently heard the over/under was 51.5 so we’ll see how many points the Ticats can put up on the hapless OTTRBs!

heres hoping to a injury free win today

Amen to that. I actually am more concerned about the game in Montreal next week since their D is better and could be more physical. But then they’ll be trying to stay healthy too for their ESF.

Going to be starting deep in our own end. Have no doubts that our O can handle that though.

Just hope we don’t let our guard down and be ready to go for both games

That I am not concerned about. I don’t think Coach O and the rest of the staff will let that happen.


Rod Black + Live Mic = Mute Button!

TSN’s Phil Dunphy!

Great day in the stadium. Fantastic football weather!

Is it me, or has Williams looked super tentative on kick returns so far?

And NO Rod Black!!!

2 plays in a row the RB’s break early on the throw. That time for a pick

I thought so on the first one - not as much on the second.
Our O needs to get the lead out. Thorpe at least has the OTTRB D up for this game. And they’ve been showing a tendency to air it out down the field. D needs to get some pressure on Arndt .

Like that!

Agreed. Hard to say which is more useless; live mics or Rod Black.

Are you suggesting they were offside? Or just anticipating the throw well?

As the song goes…ANTICIPATION

Gotcha! :wink:

Sutton I’m sure pulled at least a half dozen players with them to gain an extra few yards on that FD run and then picked up a big gain on that long toss down the field

Time to punch it in guys - TD MARSHALL!!! First game and he’s doing well!

Need to see more Speedy - put him in my fantasy lineup this week which I rarely do because he’s so high priced. Instead I’m seeing lots of Mike Jones and Marshall. ???Good for them for making the plays but I need some points! :slight_smile: