RedBlacks @ TiCats - Oct.23

They will probably rotate between Ungerer and Kalinic to get the 5 starters on offence. Irons can go in place of STE if need be with Bennett backing up. Or they could play both Ungerer and Kalinic and rotate Don Jackson in at times - they did sign him as a free agent in both 2020 and 2021, presumably to play occasionally.

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Not sure why they signed Jackson when they wanted to go Canadian at RB. That always struck me as a waste of money.

Agree. I thought they would at least use Jackson as a DI to return some kicks and give Frankie a breather. Also a bit odd in that Jackson and STE are somewhat similar running style, more shifty than someone who can grind out the tough yards. I keep pumping Wes Hills’ tires, but he might be that power runner for us next year.

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Counting Bennet they are carrying 3 Canadians at the RB spot plus 2 Americans. That's 5 guys for 1 spot, they need to decide if they are going import or national and be done with it. It's like they went shopping without a list, got home and went " why did we buy that, oh well put it in the cupboard for later".

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I agree 100 % with you on why they bothered to sign Jackson . I do however have a theory and that is that they signed him as the "Designated Gameday Scratch" .

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Yes the all important DGS. I must admit I forgot about that position. Once again management is proven correct.

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Yup . It takes a special type of player to fill that all important position . :roll_eyes:

Or you could get some retired guy (like me) to do it for free. The Walmart greeter of football players. Travel with the team, watch from the sidelines. Greet all the players as they come and go. Put me in coach I'm ready

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Mine will be on Izinyon. THIS is the move we've been waiting for!

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Oh, I get it! "Eyes...on". Say, can you pronounce that name?

They tore down and replaced both my old schools there - Scott Park and Prince of Wales - so who cares? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You mean the Scott Park prison and the decaying Prints of Whales, that I had to cross through their schoolyards on my way to my holier-than-thou schools with bodyguards? :slight_smile:

So I'd say we got a good result with Montreal winning tonight. Keeps 1st place and hosting the East Final within reach.

A win tomorrow and we're a game back with more to go vs. Toronto.


Say no ill of Prince of Wales. I watched many a Ticat game from the trees in the schoolyard.

Game day

Will it rain?

Will we see the Duck?

Bring it !!! The Ottawa QUACKQUACKS .

Put me in coach... :duck:

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Lets not count our chickens , this is the cfl.

I suggest we keep this thread as the game thread.

This is the perfect time for a statement game by the Cats. Hang up a 50 burger on them & get on a roll for the rest of the season. Of course, they've failed to do what I think they should all year, so....