Redblacks - Ti-Cats (two game total point series for first)

6 FG's = 12-6 Ottawa

Another brutal redzone throw by Mathews. Absolutely brutal. Tough to watch actually

Intercepted - Hamilton D must come up big now I say

The only thing worse than Mathews play today has been the absolutely brutal officiating.
First they penalize Lawrence for getting run into. Then they miss an obvious call on the Banks play even though he was the one carrying the ball :roll:

Beautiful day and I wish I was there but it is a lousy game.

Austin wins the challenge - Go Hamilton Go

Bad overturn. Not a penalty.

Deal with it, says the blind man!

I LOVE football at this time of year.


Sooooo many flags. Painful to watch.

Receivers have been brutal this wknd so far. Weather only getting worse from this point on.

Austin in pain.

LOVE those RedBlack jackets. If/When the OttawaRoughRider jackets come out, gonna get me one. :thup:

LOL. NOT our day. :thdn:

Is Ken Hobart available next weekend for Hamilton?!

How bad is this game??? Most important home game of the year, team is down by 6, less than 2 minutes left and people are leaving the stadium in droves. They truly need to find a solution to all the flags. What that solution is, I have no idea.

Next week, game #2 at Ottawa decides first place - 12-6 REDBLACKS final

Not even a Hail Mary. :thdn:

The Red Blacks eh. Can't believe an expansion team is set to take first in the east.