Redblacks - Ti-Cats (two game total point series for first)

According to a tweet seconds ago from TSN's Matthew Scianitti Henry Burris will be testing a knee brace he has been fitted with in terms of his mobility and knee stabilty pre-game tomorrow before a decision is made about his status for Game One with the Ti-Cats.

With the Argos loss yesterday basically these next two weeks between Ottawa and Hamilton are like one of those old Eastern final two game total point affairs. If somebody wins both - they obviously finish first. If they split - then it is basically a two game total point series.

That may impact decisions coaches make late in tomorrow's game. If somebody is ahead - they will be more inclined not to just sit on a lead in the dying minutes and will want to add to it.

Should be interesting to watch.

Could impact a lot of decisions for game 2. Argos play first next week and if they perform as well as they did against BC then Ottawa will know going into their game they are guaranteed a home play off game. Hamilton already knows they will host a playoff game. If first gets out of reach quickly in game 2 I can see some starters getting rested for the playoffs.

The Tiger-Cats are still planning on playing against Burris amongst all the talk about the possibility he might not play and DeMarco will step in to start.

I'm sure Henry Burris will play being the competitor he is, knee brace and all, he won't miss the opportunity with the two teams deadlocked in a tie and so much on the line.

I think the DeMarco plan this week of taking first team reps is more insurance related if Henry should go down in Hamilton on Sunday and his knee give out after being tested in game action.

Either way this game is going to be the turning point for the winner, the Tiger-Cats have the home field advantage at Tim Horton's which the Cats have an impressive record of wins at and playing in front of yet another sold out game in front of the Cat faithful fans who will be loud & proud!


TBH, I'd rather see the Cats win against a healthy Burris than a perennial backup in Demarco as the Cats need to prove they can beat a formidable team running on all cylinders if they have any chance at the Cup this year.

If Burris' knee holds up it should be a fantastic game.

and why was Jamaal Westerman not suspended after the low cheap shot on Burris especially since this was his third fined infraction this season I believe.
Clearly the fines are not an effective deterrent to this guy.

Yeah, like the RubyGlooms are all broken up over not playing a healthy Zach Collaros...

It's a game day in Hamilton - and once again the wind is going to be a HUGE factor in this game. This a video I just took from the rooftop deck of my building. As you see a beautiful day - but as you can also see (and hear) a VERY windy day. (Tim Hortons Field can be seen in the distance at the very end of this video.)

oh, I know they are not but the Cats are stuck with Mathews regardless and if he cannot do well against the RB's with Burris how can he expect to do well vs BLM or Reilly in a Cup final? (if we make it that far that is)


Put down the Stinky Cats! :rockin: [/i]

Cheapshot to knee of Burris by Lawrence. Where's the flag???

Mathews overthrows Fantuz in the endzone. If Collaros is in there, thats probably a major score

Entertaining game so far with the wind. Hard fought 20 yards earned by the Ottawa side to close out the first half.

It would be great for Ottawa, and the East, if the Redblacks somehow manage to win the Grey Cup in their second year back in the league.

Rewind back... point of contact was the hip :roll:

5 FG's and no TD's in the first half of football is rare or is it? 9-6 REDBLACKS lead.
1975 Grey CUP turned out as such - 9-8 win for Edmonton over Montreal. High lite play in that game, 52yd. FG by Cutler.

Over throws are due to the strong wind.

Stop just stop

Ouch! Burris rips Lawrence (a former teammate) about his hit in the first half during his interview. Comments such as "no place for someone like that in the league," and " its worse than using PED'S" ( regarding the hit)

Yes. That was a target hit. SL knows that knee is braced.

C'mon Lawrence, you are better than that.

TSN guys are being much to diplomatic.

I want to see Henry retire with a ring. Not a career ending injury.

Pretty weak suck face Roughing the Passer call on #21

What this game needs is a pick six to open up some excitement, so come on Cats go get it!

Hamilton will need to pull their goalie for an extra attacker soon :lol: