Redblacks TD celebration

Everyone was going crazy over this OTT TD celebration. ::slight_smile:

Nothing compares to the ultimate TiCats TD Celebration in the boat in the Peg!

Spur of the moment, not choreographed garbage, priceless! 8)

Love TD celebrations, even when the opposition does them, gives our team a burn, not to let it happen again.
This is not the NFL, where you get fined for celebrating too much.

The boat is a classic, and some players did get fined, but completely worth it.

NFL copied the CFL this year and it’s open season in the NFL for celebrations .

It is a true form of flattery to be copied .

We are the quiet innovators in football entertainment that is not truly acknowledged by the NFL or their fans .

Wow !!! Too funny , here's one for the books about that REDBLACK TD celebration . I was watching the NFL Network show "Good Morning Football" this morning as it comes on live everyday at 7:00 am . Well they do a segment every Tuesday called "Best TD Celebration" and guess who won ? Yup , that's right those Limbo Dancing REDBLACKS were not only featured but were deemed the best for this week by the shows 4 hosts . If the host(Nate Burleson) that is presenting the TD celebration footage name is familiar it's because his father is former Calgary Stampeder Al Burleson who played 5 seasons in the CFL in the late seventies , early eighties . Nate Burleson was born in Canada in 1981 while his dad played up here and although he was raised in the States and played in the NFL he has always kept his Canadian status .

Here is the footage from the segment from this mornings show . 8)

Always found excessive TD celebrating kinda embarassing to watch, especially when a club is losing or the game is far from decided. Key word: excessive.

What are they celebrating?
That they can dance or mime? That they have an active imagination?

Don’t get me wrong sometimes it’s very entertaining, and congratulating each others successful efforts is always a good thing - it’s just the excessive prolonged theatrics is what I don’t get. Acting like you’ve been there before when scoring a major is way cooler IMO.

Thanks for the great memories...Grover.
Yes...our guys in the boat, was priceless.