Redblacks’ Tavai escaping suspension shows CFL doesn’t care about player safety

Redblacks’ Tavai escaping suspension shows CFL doesn’t care about player safety

I have to agree. The league was given the green light to levy real punishment by the Simoni Lawrence case, and by not punishing others equally, they are weakening their own position by letting thw new precedent slide backwards.

To say nothing about how unfair it is that one player was, rightfully, disciplined while others do not face the same consequences for their actions.

One rule for everyone, not one example then ignore the rest.

This hit though wasn’t as late as Lawrence’s I don’t believe, correct me if I’m wrong. I think it was the lateness of the hit on Collaros that makes it worse than the hit on Adams Jr. :-\

Hit on Collaros wasn’t that late but I did hear that they severity of the injury was taken into account. IMO that shouldn’t be a factor, especially with a player who has a history of concussions. Adams was concussed too but only missed a week so it seems that that wasn’t as important in dishing out the discipline. I wouldn’t say the hit warranted a 2 game suspension but given that it wasn’t a first offense for Tavai, he should have been suspended for 1 game.

Agree … but NHL has been doing it for years … someday a league is going to end up in court and their history of cosmetic concern for player safety will be exposed by their inconsistent and inconsequential efforts to discourage dangerous, reckless behaviour … too many focus on INTENT when every action is a voluntary action and it is the disregard for the safety of the other player that punishment should discourage … regardless of injury

Actually, Lawrence’s hit wasn’t late, as Collaros’ butt hadn’t hit the ground yet. It was because it was a head shot that he received supplementary discipline, and because it was to the perennially-concussed Collaros that it was a 2-game suspension.

It’s stupid that the severity of the injury is taken into account, since the offending player can’t control that. They can only control their actions, and it’s the action that should be punished.

But now the league is looking the other way with head shots. Figures.

BTW, did anyone notice during the Hamilton/Ottawa game that Davis did a hook-slide right at Lawrence’s feet? Lawrence just stood there, careful not to lay a hand on him. Then they showed him and he was laughing, as if someone said something to him.

Agree ... but NHL has been doing it for years
Very true GHT but that doesn't excuse them either as you mention albeit...

Ok Big Dave, head shot more the big deal with the Lawrence hit, ok. I don’t think it is totally stupid though that the severity of the injury has some bearing on the outcome, I mean doesn’t the law, the legal system, sort of operate somewhat like that? Just saying. If I punch someone in the head and they get a bit of a scratch as opposed to punching them and they go down to the ground unconscious, well… you get my point.

Yes, lets continue to blame the league for the actions of the players that are protected and supported by the CFLPA.

Last time i checked the rule book is available to all the players.

Agree that PAs are an issue, in particular that they represent the attacker without regard to the impact on the victim … but if the leagues issue softer penalties because they take into account injury and “intent” then that makes the job easier for the PAs