REDBLACKS surpass 10,000 season ticket commits!

More exciting news out of Ottawa! Things seem to be progressing better than everyone has hoped. Football isn't dead in the Nations Capital!

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just fantastic!
and with 11+ months to spare before the 2014 season. :thup:

OSEG is the modern parameter for CFL startups. (please take note Halifax/QC)

wow...that is sensational!

way to go fans!

excellent news.
i'm excited to see who they draft and how the team does next season.
also, i'm excited to take in a game there next year.

Let's Go, RedBlacks!

You can bet those that did not support this project are not one bit happy one of there main things was there is little interest in football.

looks like the urban park redevelopment is coming along nicely. should be a great place to watch a football game next season:

Not to temper the enthusiam, as I have also placed a deposit for 2 season tickets, but the deposit is only $25. This may or may not translate into 10,000 season ticket holders. I can't recall if the deposit is refundable or not...

This what i don't know does that 10,000 mean 10,000 seats or does it mean those the amount of pins sold which could mean more seats.

Its a deposit on a seat...

:thup: Ottawa

I figured some might not have seen this video before;

Gets me excited to see the finished project in person.

The position that past teams "failed" so this one will too was always stupid.

I used to live on the opposite corner to a burger joint. It closed its doors.
It was replaced by a Taco Bell. It closed its doors.
It was replaced by a higher quality Greek restaurant. That place has been there 20 years. The failures of the two previous establishments had no bearing. Why would it?

There was never a lack of interest in the sport as such. People just eventually get fed up with being given a terrible product, with terrible service and no sign of improvement on the horizon.

You wouldn't tolerate bad service and food in an Italian restaurant for very long until you stopped going, no matter how much you love Italian food.

So this doesn't come as much of a surprise, to tell you the truth. I've always maintained that if Ottawa was able to get 10-15 thousand for the product it WAS putting on the field, all an ownership group had to do was present itself as professional and they would easily surpass that number. OSEG has done exactly that.

Love the last picture on July 24th. :thup:

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Are they putting in seats or keeping the bench seating ?

The only issue i have with this video, is the stadium is set up for soccer, instead of football, WHY, i know they are getting a Tier 2 soccer team,but is not the football stadium and the CFL team, that is the main sports, why play second already

A new stadium + a great local ownership group + beautiful city + a league on a financial upswing = success.
That's why we need to strike it while its very hot for a new 10th team.
Are you listening Moncton?
Make a commitment before you lose it to another city with vision and the political will.
Saskatoon is on deck?

Nice work Ottawa fans.

We will see how many people put down a $25.00 deposit actually follow through with there season ticket, seen this before happen here in Vancouver with the whitecaps, with the $50.00 deposit about 12% back out and lost there deposit too.

Even if 12% back out, that is still a respectable number considering we don't know who is on the team yet.

RedBlacks radio show from last night prior to the game in Montreal :

[url=] ... 3/13.07.25[/url] redblacks.mp3

It's cool that they have their own show this far in advance of their fist game.
Very impressive.