REDBLACKS statement on WR Quan Bray

OTTAWA — The Ottawa REDBLACKS have released the following statement regarding wide receiver Quan Bray:

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Hours before they let him go, the team depth chart for the Friday game had listed Bray as the starting boundary receiver.

Interesting! I wonder if the League will allow the RedBlacks to inject another receiver in his place or are they going to force them to stay with the posted depth chart?
This seems like a precedent setting incident!

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Were the RedBlacks not aware of this players pending charges before today?

Apparently not:

“The Ottawa REDBLACKS were made aware, Thursday, of criminal charges pending against receiver Quan Bray."

… and yet the incident dates back to 2021 with the RBs only getting wind of things because of a missed court date.

If 3DN’s article is accurate, Bray was only just charged this past April. When he missed his court date today an arrest warrant was issued, and I suspect that is what tipped off the RBs – perhaps the police contacted them to inquire about Bray’s whereabouts?

I get it but being charged criminally is a matter of public record and a pro athlete at any level being charged with sexual assault IS news. The CFL has a code of conduct… wouldn’t Bray have an obligation to advise team management at that time and if so, did he?

I don’t know what’s confusing here. They let him go. Had him as the starter. I think it’s obvious they were blind sided and very upset to be in the dark. So upset about the deception that they told him get lost. Seems obvious to me.

Yes, they had to release him but why did the RBs only find out now and not last April when he was charged… that’s public information. I can’t believe the media in Montreal wouldn’t bother to report on a criminal charge for sexual assault allegedly committed by someone while a member of the Alouettes… someone who had previously been arrested for trying to smuggle 150 lbs of cannabis into Texas from Mexico and was subsequently suspended by the Alouettes.

A huge part of this is the problems with criminality and immigration. As we have seen with Lawler sorting that stuff out can take time and money - while the player is not playing.

Whats also funny is that we fail to recognize it happens quite often. Look at rosters. Find the suspended list. A lot of them are guys who got a contract but cant report to the team, quite often because of what are considered criminal charges - because at the border - what is a minor offence some places - equates to worse in the Canadian Criminal code, which is how crimes are judged when entering Canada.


This sexual assault occurred in the fall of 2021 while he was suspended by the Als for his cannabis smuggling that occurred in 2020. He was subsequently released in June 2022. According to the court document, the native of Georgia, USA, first punched the alleged victim. Then, he sexually assaulted the woman and the same day, he attempted to strangle her.

A lawsuit was then filed, but in the months that followed, Bray reportedly tried to convince the woman to withdraw it. In all,
he faces four counts. However, the 30-year-old did not show up to court on Thursday. An arrest warrant was first issued against him, only to be canceled a few hours later. Bray will be back on court in August.

Should be noted that Bray had a tragic youth. In 2011, his father killed his mother. Jeffery Jones has since been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of ever being released. Bray cut ties with him.

Don’t know how much we should blame the Montreal media for this, the RB should have done their homework…

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Cuz he didn’t tell them. He kept it a secret. That’s likely why they let him go so abruptly. Seems your question may imply they are at fault? Most employers don’t vet all their employees continuously. They do so at the beginning of a contract in most cases. And then at contract extension. Maybe. It’s normal not to know everything. I had a colleague with a domestic and battery charge and three DUI charges in his home territory. All being processed and before the courts. He didn’t disclose to anyone. And acted as a driver as part of his volunteer duties with youths and work related. This is why sone employers want processing of this and that every six months I guess. Some don’t. Sone every couple years. Some more. While others annually. Really, how was anyone to know? Until certain moments occur. Unless you are always looking. But he wasn’t convicted. Just a charge.

You only know what you know. And you only know what you seek to find. Do media continuously wake up each morning or even one morning each month and start digging g and combing through the world about new court cases around the countries linked to players? Heck no. Do teams? Heck no. They are busy. Better things to do. There’s an expectations of trusted disclosure. It didn’t happen. So bye bye Bray.

A criminal charge is a matter of public record. Details are automatically available to the media and barring a publication ban, disseminated to the public. Unlike the average Joe charged with a crime, a professional athlete is a public figure and therefore subject to the scrutiny that comes with his notoriety… especially given Bray’s previous legal issues. True, it’s just a charge and the presumption of innocence applies in the eyes of the law… but as we all know, just an accusation is often enough to get you cancelled.

My issue with the RedBlacks and the CFL “not knowing” about this situation is that maybe they should have. Given the seriousness of Bray’s prior legal issues, he was fortunate to get another opportunity to play and IMO his off-field behaviour should have been monitored at some level… I’m not even sure why he was let back into Canada.

True. But you have to be looking for it. Notice doesn’t get mailed out to employers. Lol. I think you missed my point.

Maybe that’s a new rule the CFL executive should put in place. That every player should be vetted quarterly. But until it’s mandated, it ain’t happening.

I think we missed each other’s points… but so be it.