RedBlacks sold-out again !!!

This Saturday's game against the Riders are sold-out and looks like not many tickets left for game against Edmonton in two weeks ! Way to go Ottawa !!! :rockin: :rockin:

I heard the RedBlacks will likely sellout every game this year. Hunt said he could easily have sold 15,000 more tickets to their opener but thinks 24,000 is the right size stadium for Ottawa.

This scenario will likely play out in Toronto too when the Argos relocate to a smaller outdoor stadium. The demand for tickets will surge due to their scarcity, ensuring a larger season ticket base.

Absolutely, unfortunately Rogers part of MLSE will try its darnedest to prevent the Argos to move into BMO field.

I dunno, Rogers is kicking the Argos out of SkyDome by 2017, so would they really prevent them from moving to a different field? I would think they would encourage them to move outta there asap so that the Jays can put down their precious natural grass.

The problem is that Rogers do not want the Argos in Toronto period!

Good on Hunt & Co. for doing things right in Ottawa, I'm hoping that they can make it work this time.

Just to show what can happen with dedicated - local - ownership and having the right facility is a big plus on top of that.

Argos had more than decent crowd during the C & S days. Hamilton had a 3 years at/near capacity once Bob Young took over.

Great to see a positive start in Ottawa, shows there's hope for the rest of the east.

Way to go Ottawa.
I hope to go and take in a game next year, tickets permitting!

Lots of ticket give-aways for both, Ottawa very very few if any.
Also I don't recall Hamilton being at capacity, 24-25,000 range I would say, but again over 20% in ticket giveaways for the Cats.

The first three years (2004 through 2006) under Young they averaged 27800, 28000 and 26700.

Agreed, comps would have been factored in which will be minimized once they're in THF. Same with the Argos if they get into BMO IMO

Good for you on the sell out. Well done!

Only because the team made it a point about their name...
It's REDBLACKS, not RedBlacks.

Yah, I don't get it either. :roll:

great news for the RedBlacks and good work OSEG/Hunt. :thup:

In checking past attendance for the Renegades under Glieberman, the team attracted decent crowds it's first 3 seasons (23,776/23,378/23,050) before the bottom fell out the final season (18,489) with the last two years losing $3.8 million and $5.8 million respectively.

Comparatively, the Argos must be even further deep in the red with Braley subsidizing massive losses each and every year.
Sad to say, but MLSE is the only hope for this club. (if interest is still there)

This is fantastic news. Let's hope the fans keep coming out! :thup:

Good job by the Rouge et Noir, but sellouts should not be "news" this season.

Next year it will be news and the key will be year 3 (IMO).

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COOL 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The thing we need to remember with these newer stadiums is they may have less seating capacity than prior stadiums, but there is more private boxes and these patio type areas in these stadiums amongst other new amenities. These are major money makers the teams never had much of before really. I am glad the RedBlacks are succeeding and I can only see the area around the stadium being a new magnet for people to want to visit and even live in once it is all completed.

Yes, get the argo's out of that Skydump cavern and into something more intimate and appropriate which I think can work well for them too.

There is always someone who tries to be the spoiler with a negative comment. It's like the joke about Canadians being negative - A Brit an American and a Canadian get on an elevator, the Brit says "lovely day" the American says "yes it's great isn't it" the Canadian says "yes but it's supposed to rain on the weekend" :roll:

Sorry for being logical. The NEWS this season would be if there were not sellouts, or near sellouts, for every game.
I expect next season to have a continued "new car smell" impact on attendance (amongst the less fervent/hard-core portions of the fan base), and just said that I expect the third season to be the one in which we really find out about longer term fan support for the CFL in Ottawa. I did not predict strong or weak support. My point was that until then strong support is great (and the Ottawa CFL Team has done a great job getting the fans out) but that is also expected for a new team in a new stadium.