"REDBLACKS sign Smith, Grigsby; Van lands on six-game"

OTTAWA — As the injury bug continues to hit the nation’s capital, the Ottawa REDBLACKS announced a series of corresponding roster moves Monday morning.

Joining Henry Burris on the six-game injured list is Travon Van, the second REDBLACKS running back to go down with injury this season, while the team has announced the signing of international running back Nic Grigsby, quarterback Brett Smith and defensive back Tristan Jackson to the practice roster.

The REDBLACKS also announced the release of international receiver John Harris from the practice roster, while receiver and returner Jamill Smith and linebacker Olivier Goulet-Veilleaux have also been placed on the six-game injured list.

Van took over the starting running back position during pre-season when William Powell suffered a season-ending Achilles injury. The 25-year-old rushed for 133 yards on 24 carries (5.5 yards per carry) while chipping in 77 yards through the air on seven catches.

His best effort came in a Week 2 victory over the Montreal Alouettes in which he rushed for 86 yards on 12 carries (7.2 yards per carry) with three catches for 33 yards on the way to a 28-13 win.

Winnipeg native Kienan Lafrance appears to be the next man up for the REDBLACKS, the 45th overall pick in 2015 sitting with 13 carries for 52 yards (four yards per carry) to go with a receiving touchdown in two games. A 5-foot-10, 210-pound Manitoba graduate, Lafrance had a game-high 13 carries in his team’s Week 2 win.

Smith provides some quarterback depth for the REDBLACKS after spending 2015 with the Riders. The 24-year-old threw for 1,822 yards and 15 touchdown passes over 18 games as a member of the Green and White.

Jackson arrives in Ottawa with the ability to both play defence and return kicks. He’s been a special teams ace since joining the league in 2008 while also contributing defensively, last season recording 52 tackles in 16 games along with a forced fumble for the Riders.

Grigsby, a former Ticat, Blue Bomber and Eskimo, owns a 5.1 yards per carry average throughout his three-year CFL career. He rushed for 59 yards on 10 carries in three games with the Ticats last season before spending time with the Eskimos later in the season.

At this point, if I'm a running back, I avoid signing with this team altogether. It's like begging to tear your knee up. I don't get it.

I do like the Brett Smith signing though. I have no idea what they see in Danny O'Brien.

Ottawa has had terrible injury problems at RB. Last year they lose a great RB Jeremiah Johnson on the six game injured list, then they bring in William Powell who did a fantastic job replacing him. Then Powell goes down in pre-season and lost for the season, then they bring in an untested Travon Van who has a fantastic first one and a half games and he goes down. Then they lose their kick returners Jamil Smith for six games.
Looks like they are going with a Canadian RB, Keenan LaFrance.

You could even count Jonathan Williams from 2014. He looked really good for a while there at the end of that season.

So Mossis Madu and Grigsby. Isn't that Hamilton's 2014 backfield?

Yes and last year at this time Chevon Walker was the starting RB.
Ottawa may also get CJ Gable when the Ticats release him when Woodson comes off the injured list :slight_smile:

The RedBags can't be serious with these signings. Has to be a joke.

Grigsby is the guy Rod Black was gushing about him being the "best athlete in the CFL". Yes, great athlete but softer than wet toilet paper.

You'll never see Grigsby drop his shoulder to pick up extra yards. He'd much rather run sideways than hit the hole straight on.

Brett Smith is hopeless as a QB. Runs around in a panic, then hyperventilates and throws a nonsensical pass that gets picked. That's what you're getting with Smith.

Tristan Jackson is a mediocre kick returner and a serviceable back up CB. But as a starter, he's way out of his league.

Rick Campbell isn't on the 6 game injured list? Johnny thought he had 14 broken bones after Carter's brutal bump. :roll:

That's why Madu is starting and Grigsby is on the practice roster. Tristan Jackson is out there to as a KR/PR .
When your starters get injured and you have less than one week to bring in replacements you have to "make do" and you bring in guys with CFL experience. I expect they will all be gone in a couple of weeks during the bye week.

Not to worry believe me old Arrogant-51 would be singing a different tune if Barker would've gone out and signed these guys up for the Argos. :roll: He would be crowing about how once again the Greatest GM in CFL history had just signed 3 more outstanding players that other teams had slip through their fingers. I have to give A-51 credit though it's the first post in awhile that he hasn't come up with his typical juvenile nicknames when it comes to mentioning players and/or coaches. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that when A-51 uses these infantile names of players/coaches etc. that he NEVER does it when referring to any of the personnel or players on the Argonauts ?

Wow, you would think someone as knowledgeable as Area-51 paints himself to be would be aware of this kind of thing. It's pretty much common knowledge.

Last night:

Grigsby = 103 yards
Messam = 32 yards


Grigsby did very well last night, considering he was a Kia salesman in Florida last week!

If you're happy with Grigsby, then I'm happy for you.