REDBLACKS sign receiver Kenny Stafford, five others

OTTAWA — The Ottawa REDBLACKS kicked off their bye week in busy fashion on Monday, signing six new players including veteran receiver Kenny Stafford.

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They definitely need help at receiver. Let's see if these guys can do better at getting open and at holding on to the ball.

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My only question now... what took them so long?


They should have signed a QB.


They still have best part of 2 weeks before they play again. They must realize that Nichols was not the answer and clearly Davis needs more practise time (or maybe just receivers that can catch). My question is ... why did they pass on Arbuckle so quickly.

Even Nichols was really hampered by a load of dropped balls.

I think letting Arbuckle go was partly for money (avoided paying a bonus in a year that they weren't even playing games) and partly because the new coach had a relationship with Nichols,

Two reasons I guess. Firstly, Nichols and LaPo had success here in Winnipeg. Secondly, Nichols was likely a bargain compared to Arbuckle.

I think LaPo wanted to build a powerful defense on one side of the ball that controlled the game and set things up for a vanilla offense run by a 'game manager' on the other side of the ball. We had that here with Nichols playing the part of 'game manager'. :face_with_monocle:

Nichols is a better QB than Davis. He can make reads and throw the ball very well. He proved that in Winnipeg as they went like 6-1 or whatever until he got hurt. Then when Streveler stepped in their deep game vanished and they were very ordinary and fell to 8-5.

Davis is a scrambler sandlot guy who doesn't read so well and makes lots of errors. That may have been fine in the 80s and 90s where interceptions was just the cost of doing business in a gunslinger's league but these days the game is all about playing efficiently and minimizing the errors. A play like the Lokombo pick-six would not have been thrown by Nichols. He's too smart and too patient to make an error like that on his own 10 yard line with 30 seconds to halftime.

Nichols is the guy that they need right now. They just need to put a team around him. It looks like they're trying to do that this week.

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Well said Prairiedog72, poor Nichols has no established playmakers around him. Flanders made a few good plays as a back up for Winnipeg but there is a reason he was always a back up RB, as he was and continues to be terrible on short yardage plays. Second and two needs to be converted, but rarely is by Timothy. I was flabbergasted when Ottawa tried to run with Flanders on 3rd and 3 against the Lions, and out of shotgun no less, that play had zero chance of creating a new set of downs. I haven't even touched on the low calibre of receivers in Ottawa. Nichols actually made some great throws in a winnable game at home against BC that were consistently dropped. His interceptions were actually catchable balls tipped to defenders. Either way it is hard to drive the ball and score points when the guys paid to catch the ball can't consistently catch.

As for the "game manager" moniker that seems to be sticking with him, I feel Lapo is at fault for that. Ottawa scored one touchdown on Saturday, a long deep ball to a wide open Ryan Davis. I thought to myself "game on!" It was a mirage aw after that beauty TD Lapo put the training wheels back on Dom Davis and made him throw 3-10 yard passes to receivers running nothing but curl routes. When you have a QB with a big arm you need to use it...