REDBLACKS sign Nick Setta to a story from Drew Edwards,in the Scratching Post,former Cat kicker Nick Setta has been signed by the REDBLACKS(aka "CheckerBoards")Setta was a Ti-Cat from 2007-09

Interesting signing indeed for the RB's and just might explain why they didn't bother drafting any kickers in the expansion draft.Setta hasn't played for 4 yrs so it will be interesting to see if the time off will effect his accuracy and
kicking skills.IMO a very interesting signing indeed,will be interesting to see how it works out for Nick and the RB's.

By one person. :expressionless:

Oooops!!!!!! Forgot to capitalize it......CHECKERBOARDS.......Sorry bout that!!!!! :lol: Either way,still an interesting signing
from that new(old???)team from the city of Ottawa. :roll: :wink:

That is a fascinating signing. Good for them and him.
I never understood why Hammy cut him. No doubt Ottawa will bring in some other kickers.
I really like Campbell and his approach and style. I think he'll be around a long time. I'd love to see his phone charges to his pops who was a great coach,administrator. And a very interesting guy.

Desjardins knows what he's doing... He's checking off the boxes one at a time and free agents are going to be very intrigued and interested IMO.

Looks like Medlock joins Setta back in the CFL as well....

Both Ex-Cat kickers get another shot!

The Cats released Nick because he went from deadly accurate to just plain awful, it seems he never really recovered from injuries, and was inconsistent during the 2010 season, going 38 for 50 in FGs certainly didn't help keep him employed either

Shows just how important the kicking game is even more so now that teams are all competitive.

Wow. Montreal and Winnipeg missed out on both of these guys.

Not really. Setta was recruited by Desjardins in Hamilton. Medlock is friends with guys on the Ticats and will likely split an appartment with Jordan Younger again. Montreal has Whyte, Alvarado, Dales plus Bede and Rugland on the neg list. Kicking won't be a problem next year.

I like this guy and always thought his release was premature by the Cats.

Obilovitch days. When a contract wasn’t a contract :lol:

I guess performance doesn't play into keeping a job to you eh?

His release had nothing to do with "contract" but hey... have at it :roll:

He had two great seasons where he was underpaid then had an average season and they wanted to take the money away... That sound fair to you ?

38/50 and sub par punts...........

Sound fair to you?

Oddly enough that is still a better percentage than Congi averaged this year. That’s not awful, but you hope your kicker can hit 80% or up.

And Congi is now out of a job... Medlock can kick better than 76% in his sleep, glad to see him back in black!!

Well Congi went to free agency, so he might catch on with another team now. Either way, glad Nick is back in the league, it seems that Ottawa is where players we had effection for end up. Gonna miss having you Marwan.

I don't know if this is true, but...

"Setta struugled with injuries in 2009 and saw a drop in production, missing a league-high 12 field goals. He finished the year hitting 15 of his last 16 field goals to raise his accuracy rate to 76 per cent."

That sounds pretty recovered to me.

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That stat is missleading because by that point Bellefeuille had zero confidence in him and very few if an of these were attempted from beyond 30 or so yards. He's not the first kicker to have a bad season...