REDBLACKS sign Nick Setta ........Interesting news,as D.Edwards reports that Nick Setta has been signed up by the new Ottawa franchise,as the REDBLACKS(aka Checkerboards)kicker for the 2014 season.Setta last played in the league from 2007 to 2009 for 3 yrs as the Cats punter/fgk. Interesting signing to say the least for the RB's.

TSN confirming

He's been out of football for four years now, but I suspect that he's maintained his training all that time. Might take a few practices to get his timing back up to pro level, but probably no more than that.

Good move by the RedBlacks, IMO. (And sorry, but I prefer not to yell the team's name, even though they insist on it.)

Nick Setta, the greatest kicker the world has ever known. :cowboy:

I've always liked Setta. I am very happy for him. I hate Ottawa. Thieves.

Interesting pic of Setta,check out

the uniform,did he play somewhere over in Europe,after his release by the Cats in 09????

From wikipedia

Chicago Bears (2004–2005)*
? Rhein Fire (2005)
Buffalo Bills (2006)*
? Cologne Centurions (2006)
Hamilton Tiger-Cats (2006–2009)

  • Offseason and/or practice squad only

The more focus and targeted Desjardins can be when Free agency begins the better his chances. They will open up a better team than the Bombers were last year.

Interesting , can he still kick?

They signed him. I'm sure they've worked him out. Als went after him last year but didn't like his salary demands.

After throwing Sean Whyte under the bus every chance they got I'm sure Als fans are looking at today's kicker news and grumbling.

You don't know what your talking about. Als have Whyte, Alverado, Dales plus Bede and Rugland on their neg list. Alverado is much younger than Setta and likely just as good if not better.

Of course, LOL.

I am a big fan of Medlock but Setta is 32 years old has groin issues and has been running kicking clinics for the past few years. Alverado is 25 and got a real look with the Cowboys last year. Keep it up the PM's I've gotten say some of the Tiger-Cat fans are on the you. :thup:

And yet.. according to you.. .the Cats released Setta because of his "CONTRACT"

Which is it???

Wow, impressive list . Maybe you can get Brody McKnight back - he got hyped too.

Thanks Captain,looking at his resume,it appears that he did play in Europe......before he was a Cat,not after his release here.
That pic then would be at least 7 or 8 yrs old,and is either a Fire or Centurion team jersey.Good Luck to him and the Ottawa team........the REDBLACKS or CheckerBoards or REDROUGHBLACKS.....................oh heak let's just call them the............
TWOCOLORS........but I think we made out better resigning Justin "Mr.Automatic"Medlock. :cowboy: :smiley:

“Money” Medlock… .Back in Black!!

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

I thought I read somewhere that he went to the UFL not that long ago. I could be wrong though.

According to an Ottawa newspaper article, introducing the city's new team kicker, Setta, while playing for the Ti-Cats, got "hit so hard that he suffered a broken back." Gotta say it's hard to imagine Doc Levy saying "You've broken your back, Nick, but soldier on and continue playing."

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