REDBLACKS sign Nichols, release Arbuckle

OTTAWA — A few hours after his release from the Toronto Argonauts, Matt Nichols has found a new home.

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Nichols to OTT, and Arbuckle to TO.
Who didn’t see this coming?

Wonder what they offered Arbuckle?

I’d wager it’s more than what OTT offered.

If true, maybe the Argos offered him more in total salary, should there be a season ?
Either that or Lapo and Dinwiddie wanted "their guys", and eventually got 'em.

So Nichols didn't get a signing bonus, he got a report and pass bonus of $200K, so if no season, no bonus

Some details of his contract in here

It’s a two-year contract for Nichols in the nation’s capital through the 2022 season, which includes a $200,000 report and pass bonus with the chance for him to make $317,000 in hard money in 2021. His base salary is $105,000 with $12,000 possible in housing payments on a per game basis.

I don’t put much stock in reported bonuses and salaries, but in my mind it makes sense TOR would sweeten the deal for Arbuckle.
At the end of the day however I fervently believe Lapo/Dinwiddie wanted “their guys”, and getting them has been the plan for a while.

Don't know what you mean by "sweeten the deal," but IMO there is no chance Arbuckle isn't taking a pay cut from the deal he signed with Ott a year ago. The fact his signing bonus is allegedly the same amount he was supposed to be paid does not indicate his deal is sweeter. If I'm not mistaken, every starting QB in the league has had to take a pay reduction -- why would one of the least proven QBs in the league still expect to make the close to $500k he was allegedly signed for with Ottawa?

According to 3DN (a stretch I know) Arbuckle was willing to restructure his OTT contract, offering to take a 20% cut. That’s the deal I believe TOR sweetened, if at all.

Given that earlier reports indicated he would make close to $500k in Ott, a 20% cut plus a sweetener would put him over $400k. Considering what more experienced, proven QBs are reported to be making under their restructured deals, I find it hard to imagine he could be paid that much.

If you believe those numbers I can understand you arriving at that conclusion. But again, I put little stock in reported signing bonuses and salaries. They’re unofficial, and unreliable imo.

I understand with those paid by taxpayer money, but why anyone else should have their incomes publicized is beyond me.

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OK, so let's imagine the numbers aren't real. What reason would the Argos have to "sweeten" their offer to Arbuckle? The player had no other option but Toronto, if he wants to play. Every other team in the league has its presumptive starter signed. The Argos were in the driver's seat in this negotiation.

Hmmmm, where have I seen this before.

Shades of Kevin Glenn!

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Oh my gosh so funny!!!!!

Same reason OTT had to sweeten their offer to Nichols – to land the QB of their choice. Again, I firmly believe this exchange has been in the works a while. I mean, the premise that 2 teams simultaneously released franchise QBs and struck new deals with new pivots, all within a 24-hour period, is quite the stretch imo.

why laughable?

Both teams preferring the guys they ended up with does not defy the financial realities all teams are facing. Every QB in the league took a pay cut this year. There is no chance these two guys are exempt from that. They had no leverage short of retiring.

I was actually in the process of editing my comment when you replied.
I find it laughable (a stretch) because: 1) franchise QB deals aren’t generally hammered out that quickly; 2) there was no urgency for either teams to sign new pivots – all the other teams are set at QB.

Respectfully, nowhere have I implied that neither QB took pay cuts. What I’ve suggested is that both pivots were offered better (sweeter) restructured deals.