REDBLACKS sign kicker Lewis Ward to extension

OTTAWA — Preparation for 2022 continued Thursday as the Ottawa REDBLACKS announced the signing of record-setting kicker Lewis Ward to a contract extension.

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Excellent move now get a QB .

If your giving every tom , dick and harry in the US a try why not go after your native born O'Connor a try with the same patience your giving them and see if he can move the sticks .

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O'Connor is not a free agent and no evidence yet that he would be better than Caleb Evans or Duck Hodges.
Even if they dumped Duck and Evans and got O'Connor I see him as a backup to a veteran like Masoli or Dane Evans

Signed to a new contract - and he misses 3 makeable FGs immediately. Hmmmmm.

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And promptly has the worst game of his career.

Better to have that game now than next year when they hopefully have a chance to win something. He'll bounce back.

He was bound to have a stinker sooner or later, hope he redeems himself next game or he'll have that flavour in his mouth all off season.

DeVonte Dedmon was half their offence. Great signing. Now all they need to do is come up with ANOTHER ten or eleven talented guys on that side of the ball before next summer. How hard can THAT be?

I for some reason thought he was out for the season and was shocked seeing him running them back like he never was injured .

If it wasn't for penalties he might of had more yards .

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