REDBLACKS sign five including receiver Klukas

OTTAWA β€” With just a few days before the beginning of training camps, the Ottawa REDBLACKS announced the team has signed five players on Monday morning.

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Ironhead Gallon was cut a couple of weeks ago. Now he's back? we need players with names like that.

Marcel Desjardins says Alex Fontana will not play in 2021 due to personal reasons. had Fontana projected as starting at LG.

Here is hoping Michael Klukas gets a much better performance this season. Always good to see home town boy succeed even if not with the Stamps anymore. Best of luck M. Klukas !

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If he can make the team, no guarantees. Just look at the Canadians in Ottawa and their resume.
Some good Canadians trying to replace Sinopoli, he will competing against Nate Behar, Anthony Coombs, Ryan Davis a Canadian out of Auburn, Wesley Lewis a Canadian out of Auburn and Daniel Pertman out of McMaster.

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Mitch Raper has the most unfortunate surname...

You can see the headlines now.

"Female fan spurns autographed Redblacks gear: Raper claims 'but she was asking for it'"

Receiver Ryan Davis is an American.

Even with the retirement of Brad Sinopoli, Marcel Desjardins said today that the plan is still to start 2 Canadians at receiver.

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Okay, on the Redblacks roster he’s listed as a N

Mistakes in designation of players on CFL rosters is not uncommon. Whether wrong country, wrong position, wrong height, or wrong weight, it happens.

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If Sinopoli was still around I could see that but to find two Cdn starters is going to be tough. Last season they went with 5 Cdn O-linemen but with the retirement of Mateas that is unlikely.

I think Klukas will have a good showing. He didn't fit into the methodical play of the Stamps he's much more of a big play, game-changing type player. Hopefully they run a few formations that let him move his legs because he's insanely fast.

Plus the Stamps are probably the only team in the CFL right now that could start 2 Canadians. No room from Klukas

Along with the Redblacks, the Lions are probably the only CFL teams that are going to start 2 Canadians at receiver.

Actually I meant to say Edmonton would be the only team with the ability to start 2 Canadians. Not sure about Ottawa yet. But BC does look strong at Cdn receiver

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wrong birthdays happen too